The Feeder: 'A Few Of My Favorite Things' Cupcakes

Dear Readers,
My little baby brother turned 18 last month.
I made the cupcakes for the party.

Hmmmm... it required about, oh...
2 seconds to think of his favorite things.

Now to re-create them in edible art...

That took a wee bit longer.
Here's what I made:

M.U.S.T. have junk-food!
You can buy these gummy treats in the candy section of your local Walmart.

Then there's West's hobby, Airsoft.

The gun above is a 1929 Chicago Typewriter, also called a 'Tommy-gun'.
My brother Landon filled me in... I'm clueless about these things.

This is a  2010 Nebraska Teeth-rotter.
The two are often confused.
In the dark.
If you squint.

If you have the gun, you need the ammo.

I've been waiting for a use for 'Yo-gos'.

It's not my thing to play with Airsoft gear but I like to fiddle around with frosting.
We all have our place in the World.
He can keep his Tommy-gun.
I'll take my piping tools.

Eating's My Favorite in NE 

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  1. dear Cupcake Creations,

    Hey girl, that all worked out so well!

    Birthdays are my Favorite


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