Date Night at Sam's

Dear Readers,

It's time for a date night.
If the fridge is empty and we can get a babysitter, you may find us at Sam's.

Holding hands. Laughing. Throwing 83-count packs of pudding cups into our over-sized cart.

Some couples go out dancing, we go out 'clubbing' to Sam's Club.

To the young, single folk in the audience that might seem lame and boring but to us it's a rare treat to shop the isles without shouts of, "Mommmmmyyyy, I neeeeeeeed a drinkkkkkk!" or "But Daddddddyyyy, I waaaaaant it!"

It's a luxury to  smile knowingly at the mother who is wearily dragging four crabby children through the store as we go along our merry way.

What reckless bliss to debate over the price of asparagus without interruptions; to linger over the paper-towels, wallowing blithely in the peacefulness and making thoughtful choices.

During a two year span where Mr. Loggerhead's work involved traveling a lot, we rarely got to shop together. It may seem odd but I really missed it. Who says simple pleasures aren't life's greatest treasures? 

We waltz along, past 294-count boxes of Hotpockets, him pushing the cart, me with my hand in his back pocket, the one with his wallet in it. He teases me that I married him for his money. I quip back that if I did, I must be out of luck 'cause that pond dried up years ago.

It's comfortable and familiar and it center's me.

We sometimes loose sight of the things we love about each other. We need that couple-time to get our priorities aligned. It really doesn't matter where we are or what we're doing, it's the togetherness that counts.

We share our plans, ideas, dreams and in doing so we prepare for jumping back into the fray, hand in hand. I wouldn't trade this for a fancy dinner at The Ritz... well, maybe... Does the dinner include cheesecake? I'd trade about anything for the right slice of cheesecake. I'm shallow like that. 

But alas, the children are waiting and the babysitter will want to be let off duty.
We make our purchases, discussing the money we did or didn't save.

The best part? Someone sweet to load and unload the haul.
Almost seven years and he still makes me happy.

Old Married Fogies in NE


  1. Sounds like a great date night to me! I rarely get a date night with my hubby. One of the last times we went out on a date, we went to Lowe's to pick up some remodeling supplies for our house. How romantic! :P We still had fun tho....how crazy is that?

  2. Listen you!! If you're old fogies at 7 years, what are we? Zombies at 21?

    I'm married to a guy that to go anywhere with me, no kids is a date, and I'm learning to appreciate it. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Hmmm, another post with another picture of a posterior . . . .

  4. LOL on the last comment...Was thinking that myself, wondering if you were sneaking these with your phone trying not to let anyone see what you were doing!
    And yeah, even staying home with the kids all gone is a "date" at this stage! :D

  5. dear NOT "desperate and dateless",

    Interesting how things come around isn't it?
    If someone would have told us when we were in the "dating~game~stage" of life that we would one day think a grocery shopping experince would pass as a 'date'...hmmm what would we have said?

    Needing a date to anywhere, with the FiberglassMan

  6. p.s.
    Since he was gone ON our 31st anniversary last week and has been working for 10 straight days on the road, we might actually spring for a dinner out to celebrate and THEN hit the grocery store for the next course ha!!

  7. I'm happy to go ANYWHERE with JUST my husband! Doesn't happen much, especially since I prefer to do my grocery shopping AFTER the kids have gone to bed, and that means HE stays home with them. And also because when HE goes grocery shopping with me we always end up buying more 'junk' than we need... as if we needed ANY. Or at least that's the way it was back in the day. It's been so long since I've grocery shopped with him that I don't remember. Now I just don't want him scrutinizing my list and asking why/if we REALLY need that!

  8. AMEN! I love it when Wilfred is able and willing to go with me to Cosco. That is our style of clubbing as well!


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