That Homeschool Chick: When The Sun is not Sunny...

Today the sun is shining. Thankfulness overwhelms me. I need the sun. These children need the sun.

Here is a poem about a day when the sun was not shining.
It may sound familiar.
Sing along if you'd like.

The Man With The Plan

No sun to shine.
The clouds chased it away.
We were stuck in the house.
on that miserable day.

I fought with Felicity.
I sat on her too.
My mom said "Please go find
something useful to do!"

We couldn't go out,
The house was too small.
So we sat on the couch.
We started to bawl.

Mom said, "Time-out"
She said,
"Look at that mark on her arm where you bit!"


From the porch came a thump!
How that thump made us jump!

We yelled!
Then to him we ran!
We cheered!
And we hugged him!
The Man with the Plan!
And he laughed,
"What is wrong with this clan?"

"We can't go out yet
The sidewalks are runny.
But the looks on your faces 
are really quite funny!"

"I think we have stuff to make on this day."
Said the Man.
"We have Popsicle sticks."
Said the Man with the Plan.
"A lot of wood sticks,
some paint and some glue.
Your mother
Will get it all out for you."

Then 'Lissie and I
Both shouted, "Yay!"
Our Mother gave thanks for our daddy
that day.


Popsicle sticks are the best.

The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of imagination --  or insanity, as in my case -- you can create just about anything.

See this post to see what we made.


  1. dear STICKS are the answer to a STICKY situation.

    Yay for popsicle sticks and
    YAY for the daddy.
    Hope you got a few minutes to yourself out of the deal too!

    Who needs new fangled toys anyway?

  2. yah for...
    popsicle sticks
    and.. egward :)


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