Breathtaking Days

Dear Readers,

I don't ever want to forget these days.

The sweetness.

The newness of this house.

The three stages of my children.

The ideas. The motives. The prayers.

The wonder. The joy. The laughter.

The beauty. The Ouchies. The struggles.

The quirks.

All woven together to make up the pattern of my days.

I don't want to forget these moments


And because all too soon these days will be a sun-faded memory.

Rain Splattered in NE


  1. dear Breathless,

    Adorable shots of your kiddley~winks and the gorgeous huge Magnolia tree in full bloom.

    Yep, you done took my breath away again with your pictures, and the words along with. But then, my breath has been taken away at regular intervals throughout my Mothering career, let alone this Nana career i am on now. It is a wonder i have any left!
    Maybe it is a bit like the illustration we heard at Antioch...about Blessings and the evaporation process. The rain falls, the sun warms and the overflow returns upward to begin all over again.
    Still breathing and loving the breathless moments i get

  2. Oh, those are just some precious pictures you got there, of those precious little breath takers!
    GREAT niece & nephews I have :)

  3. all together now..."AWWWWWW" ;)
    Seriously cute pictures of some seriously kids! On the days when I want to scream beacuse I can't even walk without a kid hanging onto my legs or I can't get anything done because the kids want attention NOW I remind myself that one day I'll give anything to have these sweet babies back.
    I've been trying to think of something to do with the kids tonight as we'll be by ourselves and I think I know just the thing - go take more pictures! ;)

  4. LOve those pictures and I love that tree. And the yard, and the kids. And, ...

    you too,

    :) another "auntie" friend.

  5. I feel like I'm just repeating but...
    wow.. these take my breath away.. beautiful shots of these adorable children!

  6. These are adorable pictures! Hope your enjoying the sun again!


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