Our Family is Growing

Dear Readers,

A few months ago we found out we were expecting.

We were excited, a little scared.
All the normal feelings that happen when you think about an addition to your family.

Felicity has been begging for a sister for a long time now.


We got her a puppy.

She has wanted one of those for a long time too.
It seemed like a good way to stall for time on the sister thing.

Up until now we have had big reasons why we couldn't have a dog...
  • Apartment
  • No Pets Allowed
  • No yard
  • Carpet
  • No fence
So when we knew we were looking to buy our own place Bee played her cards right...

  • "We have a house..."
  • "We make the rules..."
  • "We have a large yard..."
  • "We have no carpet..."
  • "We have a fence"
In the end we gave in and said she could have a dog.

It doesn't help that Mr. Loggerhead's parents raise dogs and every time we visited them we went home with a  serious case of the puppy-blues.

It also doesn't help that I grew up with golden retrievers and am therefore a sucker for any dog with that yummy, coppery, apricot colored hair-coat.

Toss in some curls and I'm sunk.

Meet Dune.

(after his first haircut)

He is a miniature poodle.

He's 6 months old.

He is adorable.

We kinda thought we were taking the easy route when we added a puppy instead of a baby to our family...

But the ironic thing is that having Dune is a lot like having another kid.

  • He vies for a place in my lap.
  • He must be bathed and groomed.
  • Sometimes he smells.
  • He has opinions about his food.
  • He whines.
  • He gets loud.
  • He must be taught good manners.
  • He requires supervision, correction and time-outs.
  • He joins the nightly train of children who make their way from their own beds into ours.
  • He pulls out toys and doesn't put them away.
  • He gets cranky if he is tired, hungry,bored,  too hot or too cold.
  • He doesn't like to be alone.
  • We can't leave him in the car.
  • He needs to be potty trained.
  • He likes everybody else's toys better than his own.
  • He jumps on the furniture.
  • He puts things in his mouth he shouldn't.
  • He loves to play games.
  • He chases the other kids.
  • He wants our attention and our praise.
  • Sometimes he has to be carried.
  • We hope he doesn't get sick.
  • He is another mouth to feed. Felicity ropes him into tea parties and dress-up.
  • T-boy wrestles with him.
  • Prosper pulls his hair.
  • He has his own personality.
  • He loves treats.
  • He struggles to sit still.
  • He's wary of unfamiliar people and dogs.
  • He doesn't always listen, obey, or come when he's called.
  • We worry about him going in the street.
  • He isn't crazy about vegetables.
  • He thinks he's bigger than he is.
  • He pushes his limits.
  • He is loyal and loves unconditionally.
  • He makes us laugh.
  • We love his silly ways.
  • He's wiggled and cuddled his way into our hearts.

Not Pregnant In NE


  1. guuuurl...you had me going for a minute. I was gettin' all excited for you. ;) I think our next "baby" will be a puppy too. Though we have a while before that will happen...already have a middle-aged k-9 creature. Dune is a beautiful dog! Maybe we can meet him in person. (or would that be dog?) ;) Because you just never know when you might just happen to drive through NE to get to where you need to go. ;)

  2. He's adorable.. but not what I was expecting to 'see/hear' :)
    (although I pulled this lil trick myself. we were '(baby) goat sitting' for my sis-in-law.. so we had 'another kid' heehee!

  3. Funny! I thought you were really going to have a baby!! Cute puppy!

  4. I had a feeling...it was a puppy! All the same SO exciting and oh SO adorable!!!

  5. haha! I "had a feeling" too--wasn't jumping up and down yet!
    How sweet! The pictures are adorable! We're slowly becoming a farm...3 animals now.

    Oh, you mean 2 dogs & a cat don't make a farm?? :D

  6. Cute post.... and Dune is sure a cutie -- love the pictures!

  7. oh, you funny, funny girl!!! your writing always gives me a lift & a smile...I do love you so :) from auntie cyndie

  8. dear Family of Dune,
    We. Are. So. HAPPY. for you!!
    Wonder if he is coming out with you today? It will be so fun to meet him soon anyway.

    Does this mean we are 'grand-dog-parents' now?

  9. We now have 6 DOGS! :) Chris decided to keep 2 puppies from our last litter.

    I loved seeing your new addition, and it was not what I was expecting either!
    Still a fun addition to your family, although some baby news would have been better.

  10. I didn't know, I though that at the end of your post, it would say oh and by the way we are also adding a new chick to our roost. Too cute, almost - almost could talk me into a dog.

  11. I have to say that I really enjoyed this post! Love the humor!! Congrats on the little "sister". Enjoy! :)

  12. We still have not given in. Unfortunately, Kekoa and Gavyn have two parents who are not pet people. While I can love and admire other people's pets, I have no desire to have one of my own. Poor Kekoa. Poor Gavyn. They beg, but alas, it falls on deaf ears and unwilling hearts.

    That said... your puppy is adorable! And the puppy and Bee make a pretty sweet pair. Love the pix. We'll have to come visit so Kekoa and Gavyn can get some puppy cuddling in. :)

  13. I'm not usually a fan of poodles, but what a cutie!


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