Hen Crafted: Yeah, You Butter Fly Away!

Dear Friends,
I am lucky enough to have a dad who runs a very interesting business.
It means travel, meeting interesting people, helping great causes, and getting to view great art, sweet, beautiful art, all the time.

So what does that have to do with giant sheets of pink foam in my living room?

Or glue, screws and brand-spanking new power tools?

Well, my friends, if that's what you are wondering, you're in luck, because that's what this post is all about!

Several months ago my dad asked me if I would be up to doing a sculpture for him.
The charity group, Friends of Wings, in St. Louis, MO are planning a public art project using their symbol, a butterfly.

How could I say no?
It began with this.

Lots of measuring.

  • Scaling it out.
  • Ignoring piles of dishes and laundry.
  • Lots and lots of ignoring.
  • Also, a fair amount of take-out-food.
Are you seeing where the foam came in?

And the power tools?

It was messy, but very fun!

And here is the rough model.

After much tweaking.

and adjusting....

she was done.

She was ready to take flight.
Once the foam sculpture was finished it was coated with a layer of fiberglass and turned into a mold and many identical fiberglass butterflies could be made for the project in St. Louis.

So this is how it feels to be an artist!
hmmmm... nice... but dont worry,  I won't be quitting my day job!

It was amazing seeing them ready for delivery...
On a trailer with colts and a whole menagerie...
Headed out to be painted up by real artists.

What a stir we cause in the neighborhood when dad comes through with his forty-foot trailer full of animals.

Lissie Bee was so excited to see "mommy's butterfly" again.
That was the best part for me.

My "mom" hat really is my favorite.

A Part-Time Artist & Full-time Mom in NE


  1. dear Let Her Fly,
    Great job girl,
    your flight began quite some time ago, but you never dreamed you would get to fly in this direction though!
    This Mama is along for the ride too
    Keoni Country

  2. Raimie...
    How are you? I am good. Those butterflys are really cool! I watched you do some of it - you are a very good artist (and blogger) DID I MENTION I LOVE YOUR BLOG? I love YOU too Raimie!
    Love, Your youngest loving sister
    ~ Kit-Kat

  3. Dear multi-talanted niece of mine

    They are amazing, and you multi-task VERY talanted. I would have loved to see the finished project!

    Auntie Em

  4. Those are just incredible!!! I would love to see them after the artist have gotten ahold of them too! It's fun to see your Dad's Boots around town from the cattleman's ball a few years back!

  5. What an awesome project! Thanks for sharing with us. I enjoyed your dad's website. I wonder if he has done any projects that ended up here. We have a few of these large sculptures around... mostly moose I think... The butterfly's are beautiful!

  6. Immmmpresive. Talent oozes out of you!


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