One Fine Day

Dear Readers,
If, perchance, the thought is going through your head, why is she blogging instead of packing?
Let me explain...
Our old packhorse, Housebuy N. Paperwork got a big nail in his hoof and we won't be closing until Monday which means we can't move on Saturday as planned so we won't be moving until the next Saturday. As you may imagine, this didn't put me in the greatest of moods. In an ill-disguised attempt to rid myself of these doldrums I gathered all my energy and plopped down in my computer chair to stare blankly at the screen and ignore the piles of unpacked, unorganized, bit and pieces of our life lying all about. 

In my dispondent wanderings I came across these pictures.
They were taken on a much finer day; a day of firsts.

First day of Spring-ish weather.
First time Pip got to play outside.
First dose of sunshine in 2010.

He was bouncing with excitement.
She couldn't wait to take him out.

He's pretty lucky to have such a loving and caring big sister
(even if her fingernails aren't the cleanest).

Someone to recognize his pleas to go outside.
He's been watching the kids play in the snow from the window all Winter, poor baby.

Someone to smother him with kisses.
Again, poor baby.

He is definitely a boy.
He found something dirty and ball-shaped two seconds out the door.

He rolled it around the porch, showing off his speed-crawling skills and growing co-ordination.

And it stayed safe in his tiny fist as he proved he could pull himself up on things one-handed.
He even taste-tested it with his brand new tooth.

Yep, definitely a boy.

I was  in a very good mood.
Sunshine and a favorite mug will do that for a girl.

She had to have her "coffee" too. 
It's odd knowing someone wants to be just like you.
A little scary, and very, very sobering.
And just a wee bit amusing.

T-boy and I watched as Mr. Loggerhead cleaned all the sludge out of our driveway.
Our son was probably thinking grand thoughts about handling a shovel like his dad someday.

My thoughts were of a baser nature.
Hey, you can't fault me for enjoying the view.
It was a fine day.

This boy is like me. He needs the sun.

He just turned four. He is very proud of that fact.
Look at that hand.

Nobody tells you before you are a mom how much you will love those chubby little fingers.

how much you'll cherish those dirty toes,

how those eyelashes will make you swoon,

or, good gravy, how you'll be in awe of these eyes.

Nobody told me.

So I try to capture this moment in time with my precious children, the ages they are, the sizes, the colors, the characters.

I take pictures.
More and more pictures.

Because sometimes I don't have the words.

Sometimes I just have to try to show you.

Many of you are mothers too so you understand.

You know why I think he is the cutest four year old boy I have ever seen.

You nod and smile as I tell you how I love him so.

You know why I couldn't choose just one of these shots to document this boy, this day.

You know that, as a mother, someday I will love being reminded of every one of these expressions on this boy's face.

You know time is tripping away.

The days are fleeting.

And my mothering heart needs to savor every one of these fine days

before they are gone.

And you know what a treasure it is to catch a glimpse of your children's
personalities in a photograph. A fine day indeed. 

But the moment passed quickly.

I guess you can't have it all.
But that day felt mighty close and just remembering the sun is making it seem brighter in here.

Feeling Better Already In Nebraska


  1. i see a baby Landon in little Pip's face. ahhh, how wonderful it is to be old and see the ongoing mix of the genepool....

  2. AW! what treasures indeed!!
    as I read this I was a bit in envy of the technology we have today of digital & computer (blogging!) that wasn't available when my "babies" were all babies!

    Well, I don't know that that sentence made any sense at all....it's very late and I should be in bed, but I like reading something to give me a boost...a chuckle & a smile at those precious babies of yours.

  3. Very cute photos, how I loved the days, when my kids would play outside together without fighting.

    How did you get these photos so BIG,.

  4. Glad you were able to enjoy your fine day and your fine views. ;-) I agree...nothing better than the sunshine and a your favorite mug...coffee mug.

  5. Rae...
    CAYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE pix! I love the pictures you take and how you take them! I love you (and your blog) and I miss you!
    Love, The chicken Lady
    ~ Kit-Kat

  6. Dear EverSOfineEVERYDAY,
    These are treasures of the best sort alright.
    Being One Lucky Nana
    of 3 darling grands

  7. Ahh, glad your 'feeling better already'! LOVE the pictures and commentary. :) Good luck with packing too!


  8. just love reading your blog....and feasting my eyes on those grand photos you take of those ever so darling children...you have such a knack of finding the marvelous in what to most would be just mundane everyday whateveers...I love you for this & so much more, 'auntie' cyndie


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