Poor, Poor, Pour Me Another Cup Of Cocoa!

Dear Reader,
So there we were, stuck at my folks’.

Poor us.
Snow everywhere.

Terrible roads.

Nothing but my mom’s awesome cooking to live on until who knows when.

You can stop holding your breath now, we lived.

The chickens lived too. My sister braved the snow drifts to take them fresh water and feed and relieve them of those burdensome eggs.

Hey, we had to have some omelets, okay?

Don’t make me explain the inner workings of a small chicken operation with only one rooster. They weren’t that upset, okay? Let it go. They did.

The poor critters, they were stuck too. Their stuck was colder than ours though.
I’m glad I’m not a chicken.

Wait, I’m pretty sure in one of my last posts I said I was a chicken. Weird.

Maybe I’m suffering a full identity crisis brought on by the lack of sunshine and an overflow of children with too much energy to be cooped-up. See, cooped-up, there I go again with the chicken metaphors. I got to get out more.

“Is that a warm spot by the fire I see?“

"Is that a cinnamon roll I smell?“

“please let me in!“
Uh-oh, I’m hearing doggie voices now…

“It’s okay, Raimie, focus on something else. Focus on the decorations. That's it."

"Repeat after me, It’s a wonderful life. It’s a wonderful life.”

“It’s a wonder-- What in the world is that? Signs of alien life? Aaaaaaaaaa!"

That‘s it! I‘m headed South!”

I think 'constant photo opportunities' is at the top of my list of what I like about Winter.

It’s a short list.

A very short list.

Cocoa, comfort food, snuggling, and pictures of snow…. Yep, that’s about it. Oh, and pictures of cocoa… pictures of comfort food… and pictures of snuggling.

All done.

Nothing more to like.

I vote we cut winter down to a couple weeks,

Get our fill of the good stuff and then, “All done! Spring is here!”

What do you mean the plants and stuff need Winter?

It’s me or the plants, people…

Okay, forget that last bit.

I’ll be fine.

I think.
I’ll let you know.

I generally do.
A Little Flake-y in NE


  1. Ummmm, chickens lay eggs, with or without a rooster. You only need a rooster if you want baby chickens.

    Love those frosty photos.

  2. Dear flaky chicken;
    Cute pictures!

    Love, from
    Voting for 6 weeks or less of winter in NE also.

    (hehe, sorry, couldn't resist!)

  3. I'd take 6 weeks or less of winter, but only if we had SNOW! Yes, I'm STILL complaining about having NO SNOW this winter! (okay, it snowed 4 times but never stayed around long enough to go sledding.)
    It almost makes me want to move to eastern NE... almost.

  4. Dear Snow Wishy-Nishy,
    You can have our snow, it's been sitting here in our yards and streets for months now. Bring a truck. It's all yours, honey!
    Free Snow in Eastern NE

  5. Oh Rae...where do you come up with your post. You amaze me and most often leave me speachless as what to even comment on...and that is hard to do.

    As for winter...I vote for one good dose, lasting about a week...two at the most. I don't think anyone is really asking me though.

  6. Dear Rae-o-Sunshine,
    I am loving the sun today. So far it has spent more days in hiding than any Winter I remember. Anywhere. EVEN the Winters we lived in AK.
    Thanks for posting all these pix that were taken at our house, since you know I am camera-less these days.

    Love the sunloving MamaKey

  7. Good to see a new post. I was getting worried about you! The pics are lovely....as is cocoa....and chickens....as are YOU.

    You should consider moving to CO; it's warm here, sunny and very little snow :)

  8. hey, the dog just called me, he said he wants to lay on your feet and warm them up, so long as you scratch his ears.... and give him a treat.

    Beautiful pictures.

  9. Such a cute post! Looks like an amazing time. And the dog photos - oh my goodness that is a sweet face!

  10. Great post! And AWESOME pictures! I'm with ya. Spring Chickens both of us. Hang in there my friend and enjoy! Hugs

  11. Hi Rae!! This was so cute to read!!! I would love to be stuck somewhere where someone else had to cook for me.lol.

    I love the picture of the shutters!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  12. While you're sending snow to Wishy-Nishy, could you send some our way? Oh, we have to come pick it up?? Um, no thanks then. I'll stay riiiiiiight here! If you brought it to us though I'd share some of my cocoa with you. And might even share some eggs (provided Lia doesn't get to them first!). Yeah, ready today's post on my blog. Love the snowflakes on the windows - that's the only kind of snowflades we get down here.

  13. Awwww... we missed you. Welcome back from being snowed in. We're still snowed in. Greetings from one tundra to the other. ;) Glad to have you back. Did I mention we missed you?

  14. Such great pictures... When they give you cold and snow, you make cocoa. (Y'know, the old, get lemons, make lemonade scenario)

    By the way, I'm done, too... and I don't think we've even had our rightful share of snow and cold.

    Even so, I'm snuggled under my blanket drinking hot mocha as we uh... speak? chat? comment?


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