He's From The Country (Part III)

Dear Readers,
If you missed it, here's parts I and II.

Part III
Ahhhhhh, the country. The magic that word evokes, the massive shift of opinions and points of view.

This is Mr. Loggerhead. He is from the country.

I, on the other hand, am not.

He gets up early and goes to bed early. I am the opposite.

His idea of good entertainment is a bumpy ride on a tractor to go check on some cattle. I like a nice dinner out with friends followed by a musical.

He knows about tractors, mechanics, animals, land, grass and lots of nitty-gritty things a country boy would need to know about. I know about which Target is less busy on weekends, what colors are considered neutrals, how many children Angelina Jolie has, everything needed for a stellar wedding day emergency kit and -- you get the idea. I know lots of useful girly stuff.

He reads Louis L'amour. I love Jane Austin.

He is set on coffee, straight up. I dabble in drink choices, trying everything but boredom.

He's a Johnny Cash man. I tap my feet to big band sounds and hum blithely to classic orchestral music.

He is wonderfully uncomplicated and I over analyze everything. And I do mean everything.

 How will we survive? All these differences. How do we manage?

It helps that I love all those things about him.

Even the things I don't understand.

It helps that he interrupts my babblings about the intricate nuances of taffeta to tell me he thinks I'm beautiful.

It helps we've both learned a lot about patience.

I get up a little earlier and he goes to bed a little later. We both get a little less sleep but it's totally worth it to be together.

It helps a lot that we both think things are just better when the other one is there.

----- Excuse me? That had better not be gagging I hear.----

Anyway, maybe with all our opposites we just cancel each other out.

Maybe we're like oil and vinegar, we don’t mix but when added to a head of lettuce we make a great salad.

It's simple really, we're just better together.
Actually, it's not simple at all. 
Marriage is really hard work but I think you understand my meaning.

Besides, sometimes our differences are funny. Like when our wedding theme was 'Martha Stewart Meets John Deere'

And sometimes they are helpful. For instance, I plan, shop for, and plant the garden. He weeds, waters and watches to keep it alive until the harvest. That's co-operation at it's best.

When we got married our biggest difference was his dream of ranching.

I'm clueless when it comes to cattle. He spent the last eight years telling me about this dream and I had about a million reasons why I thought I didn't want it, why it wouldn't work and why we shouldn't do it.

Then I watched my little boy almost get hit by a car and one day I thought I'd lost him when he decided to follow a little neighbor boy home.

I see what it's like for my son in the city and it's made me see what it must be like for his daddy - a country soul stuck in the rat race.

I see how happy my Latham is when we spend time at either grandparents' places. He needs that wide open space. I see the time when this dream might even be possible speeding by.

So I came to this conclusion, I might not know how to be a rancher's wife but I know how to be Mr. Loggerhead's one-and-only and I'll happily follow where he leads.

The view is well worth it.

A Ranching We May Go in NE

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  1. Loved it!!!

  2. Oh Raimie...you say it so well :)
    I love your view!

  3. Fitting for the Valentine Month!

    Oh, and I gotta Love that last part:
    A Ranching we may go IN NEBRASKA"

    (I'm jus' sayin')

    Love, theMamaKey

  4. awww...what a beautiful love story! Maybe the saying, "opposites attract" was written just for you two.

  5. ohh...how cool is this! I just love all your analogies! Pretty much describes David and I. Except - I'm the TX Country Girl raised bottle feeding calves after school and he's the FL Surfer Dude raised walking 2 blocks to the beach from his house and surfing every day after school. Sometimes our differences may cause a "controlled burn" ;) but all in all we're good together. Kind of like that oil and vinegar thing you mentioned.

  6. John DEERE, my dear girl, although your logger head might not notice the difference since he's a RED tractor man.

    In loyalty to MY green tractor man, I'm not going to soil my lips with the name.

    And YOU better find out the difference in case you ever need to drive one. HEE HEE

  7. Dear Shelley-kins,
    I wondered why it looked funny! See I really am clueless about this sort of thing! Actually he's an Oliver man - they are green too. I know this because I got in big trouble for saying our theme was J--n D---e meets Martha Stewart. They're both green, okay? That's all I know.
    On A Little Green Tractor In NE

  8. First, I love your new header up there, so pretty and creative. Second, John Deere meets Martha Stuart is just great. You two are great together. And as for mudding, I mudded the drywall flat and then I sprayed on texture with a texture gun and air compressor. I can't wait to be done. You and our honey are so great!

  9. It's easier to put a city girl in the country.. than to make a country boy TRY to fit in the city. I was born/raised in the city. my husband is at home in the country. While it took some adjusting for me.. I LOVE every second it here in the country.. right beside my logger, truckin' cowboy!

  10. He's from the country and you like it that way.

    Loved your post!

  11. Love it! :D Your blog is so original and cute!


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