Jilly's Cupcake Bar

Dear Reader,
I have not dropped off the planet. I have not deserted you never to be seen or heard from again. Fear not, I have merely been swallowed by the throes of house hunting and the pathos of trying to buy a house. I’ll let you know how that goes... If I live to tell about it.

For now I will endeavor to share some sweetness with you as a friend did with me. As many of you know, Mom and I were in St. Louis, MO recently on business for my dad. Since we are all about mixing business with pleasure I made sure to do some checking on what kind of fun could be done in the teaming metropolis we were bound for. Thanks to The Cakespy we found Jilly’s.

Jilly’s is a cupcake bar.

Cupcakes are my new obsession.

I was fated to encounter Jilly’s

Her cupcakes were destined to be a part of my life (and hips) forever.

The d├ęcor was sweet.

The staff was sweet.

The merchandise was sweet.

'Aaaaaaaaaa! I can’t stand it, the sweetness is sucking me in…'

'Whaaaaaa! What if I never have another baby girl?'

*snap*snap* 'Hey girl, cut it out. Here, have a sour pickle.'
[crunch] 'Ahhhhh, I’m okay, I’m okay.'

These were more than okay.

They were divine.

I carried them a jillion miles through Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska to make recompense for missing Valentine’s Day with Mr. Loggerhead.

He forgave me. All is well.

Here are the flavors we tried, in case you are in the area and need something wonderful to do/see/eat/savor/dream-about-forever-and-ever-amen.

*This cupcake photo is MIA due to a slick cupcake heist by Jax and [gobble, crunch, munch, slurp, glug, gulp] it was gone.

Not being photographed didn't diminish it's deliciousness one bit, I'm told.

If you aren’t drooling by now you must be dead.

Sugar Shocked In St. Louis

P.S. To cupcake or not to cupcake… What kinda question is that?


  1. ohhh...I MUST go there one day. It should be one of the wonders of the world you know! That "Elvis" you left me was A-MAZ-ING!! And the question at the end...is there even an option?

  2. Looks divine! I'm from the St. Louis area and don't know this place - how could I have missed it. I wonder if it is fairly new?

  3. Dear Sugar,
    The Bee Sting was the BEST....I mean to tell you. The MEAN BEST.
    Stung by the Best
    Cupcake EVER.

  4. I would be drooling except I just at an omelet at the Egg & I, where someone very thoughtfully gave me a rose, which I like better than cupcakes.


    Unless it is a chocolate one, with chocolate filling, and chocolate frosting, and a big glass of milk.

  5. ofta! they look to pretty to eat that is the fun part of baking if I might add =D way cute post btw!

  6. Drool, drool, dribble! However could you even begin to choose!

    Those look so incredibly awesome!
    A rose delivered at breakfast in a restaurant with your girl friends is pretty awesome too btw!!

  7. oh.my.word. i'm on my way to bake cupcakes! not that they'll be as delicious and beautiful as the ones you had..

  8. OY! How did they EVER make it all the way back to NE?????

    I think I just choked on my drool!

  9. Ohhh myyyyyyyy, I think I might slip into a delicious sugar coma from just looking at these perfect little works of art. Oh YUM! Thanks for a the tasty treat for my eyes and NO calories. Though I'd really like THOSE calories!

  10. I'm all for the Bee Sting and Elvis....mmmmm yummy. Looked good!

    ps I was amused today by your security word.... WAN THY DR
    or is it WANT HY DR or WANT HYDR? LOL (it was actually all together in one word)

  11. Oh great..we go to St. Louis a couple times a year and now you just put a must see on our list! I sure hope all the drooling I just did on the keyboard is not going to damage my computer? Oh well...it was so worth it just to learn about this little shop. Hope it's easy to find.

  12. Oh, and what's with the pickle? A subtle hint???

  13. Those look beautiful! Some great ideas:) Thanks:)

    Congrats on the house too!!

  14. well for goodness' sakes..why didn't you call me? i could have been over in a jiffy.. i live near there but have never heard of this fine establishment. i will be going there. tomorrow? next time you're around that would be super fun to meet you!!


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