Filling Up My Heart Space

Dear Friends,
annnd... He's Back!

We’re together. I survived our separation without any permanent damage to my mothering psyche. [sigh]

I drove all the way to Texas to hug this little bugger and seeing these dimples again made it totally worth it.

Love is like that.

My Mom

My Dad

My Brother, West
My Sister, Kit-kat

My Brother, Jax

My Daughter

My Son

And My Baby

We ate the tallest tower of onion rings I’ve ever seen.

There were a couple glaring absences (besides table manners)
"Chew with your mouth closed, young lady!"

She was not here.

'Don’t you dare make me feel worse about this.'

For the record, I’m blaming it on the weather. My hurricane of mommy emotion swept me all the way to Texas. We were forced to stop for an extra night when a snowstorm blocked our way down South. A whirlwind internet relationship (more on that later) blogged-- I mean, bogged us down so that we had to do a couple things while we were in Texas. We stayed an extra night due to an ice storm going on between us and home.

My Dear Mr. Loggerhead,
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I wish you would have been there. I wish we could have been together on Valentine’s Day. Our son needed me. I needed him.

I hope you understand.

I drank your favorite, a Strawberry Margarita (without the funny business) with you in mind.

I thought of you. I missed you.

So did our children.

I love you,
 ------ If that doesn’t work, I’ll break out the big guns.

They are edible and sweet, start with "d" and end with 'esserts'.

The Missing Valentine On The Way Back To Nebraska
I ordered dessert because I knew you would approve.
But worst of all, my honey was missing. He was at home. Alone. Sick. On Valentine’s Day 2010.
Neither was he.
Strange things happen when you get hungry. Even the table starts to look good.
We were leaning toward the thick end of things after our Valentine’s Day feast.
They fill me up. They ‘be mine’ through thick and thin.
Speaking of love, I spent Valentine’s Day with some of the people who fill-up my life.


  1. So glad you got your baby back. You'll be seeing Mr. Loggerhead soon and then you can celebrate being Valentine's all you want. ;) You didn't happen to see Kristen and her family while in Texas, did you?

  2. Aha! I'm with Lani, perhaps Mrs. Loggerhead went to Texas and saw Kristen. you are keeping us in such suspense! From our sick Valentines family to your sick Valentines family... GET WELL, it's an order. (hope he's feeling better now!)

  3. Aw! More darling pictures. That baby of yours is SO cute! and goodness, I can see from the pictures alone why you'd be missing T boy so much!!
    Sounds like a "SWEET" time, sorry the honey was missing!

  4. Even though you were not with your Mr. Loggerhead this Valentine story still spelled "LOVE", and just think by the time you get home he will be all healthy and Valentines will continue later. After all isn't Valentines Day...everyday when you are married to the LOVE of your life?

  5. I'm glad your back with your little guy. Sooo cute!

  6. I teased Mr. Loggerhead...next time we say 'just running a sculpture over to St. Louis, be back in 2 days' He will think twice about letting you accompany me won't he?
    Home Sweet home a WEEK later...with a few really great adventures in between.
    Love you!

  7. Haha! 'She' was partyin' with Lan the man... aww sad tho, looks like we missed out


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