You're Insane: A Song About Motherhood

Dear Readers,

 My Auntie told me once,
"Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children."

Here's a song I wrote about that.

I'm sorry. I really am.

This is what happens. One mess at a time you creep closer to the edge.

One zillion loads of laundry, and BOOM!

"There's that Crazy lady", they'll whisper "Her children drove her batty. It was that last pot of soup that did it. Quick! Avoid eye-contact!"

Beware all ye mothers! Beware.

Is there a remedy? Of course. Just wrap yourself in a toddler's hug, take a long sip of love from your honey, and call a friend in the morning.

If symptoms continue, Send your kids out for 100-Gram's House Favors -  Continue the treatment for forty-eight hours.

779,382,472,938 doses of chai tea won't hurt either.

Take a deep breath, count to ten and laugh it off, Tough-girl, laugh it off.

Prepare for the long haul.
Motherhood is a lifelong career, honey. You can make it.

My Auntie also said,
"People often say, 'Its amazing you can manage all this and not lose your mind.' I respond, 'No, the amazing thing is that I lost my mind long ago and nobody notices."

Totally Worth it in NE


  1. If you have anymore it will happen earlier than 30 years.

  2. My computer won't let me watch the video :(
    I LOVE it.. insanity is herditary! I was once told, and maybe I've already said.. but being a MOther is the toughest job you'll ever love.
    i think it's great to be able to lose your mind.. and nobody notices:)

  3. Oh well if you're already insane it won't matter how many kids you have and it'll just be one more to take care of you - or something like that. Enjoy the bats in your belfry and the skitz and loony bin.
    Crazy crazy you say?? I was crazy once - they put me in a home with 11 other children - they drove me crazy...etc etc etc

  4. HAHA! You are way too funny. Crazy crazy lady.....aaaaahhhhhhaaaaahahahah and I don't think it matters the age, My Auntie told me that it's the 3 that puts you over the edge, after that it dosen't matter anymore.

    Love from the looney bin to the west.

  5. That video is SOOO FUNNY!!!(good job)
    Like I said in my last comment..."I LOVE your posts!"

    I love you too but,anyway...Kit-Kat
    I think I'm gonna start saying "dido" for my comment 'cause every single time I say the same exact thing - "Rae I just LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    See what I mean?I mean,it's just WAY too much to keep typing every single time I leave a comment!
    Love ya! XoXoXoX

  6. I see Nashville looming! Check copyrights to the music before you go big time though!

  7. Dear Crazy Lady -

    I <3 you! ;)

    Another Crazy Lady

  8. if that's what 3 (+) does to you, 2 is looking better and better every day! LOL!

  9. Rae,
    I want to be the first to congratulate you on your first Million hits.....I'm sure it will happen!

  10. america's got talent! i'm calling in!
    love it! wish you were my psycho neighbor..that would be fun!

  11. haha! I LOVE THIS!!! :) I'd say NE's got talent!!! and you're sooo brave putting it on you-tube! or is that from the insanity? :D

  12. Love it! Sanity is overrated, anyway. When you're rich and musically famous, (hey, most of them are insane, so you'll fit right in...) I'll be able to say "I knew her when..." :)

  13. First in all honesty...great voice.

    Second...you go girl! Who needs there sanity?

  14. dear (insanelyfunny)daughter,
    Maybe it is hereditary from both ends...from your parents (at least the dad...) AND from your kids. Could we add from your sibs as well? Insanity coming from ALL directions...YIKES.


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