Sock Hop

Dear Friends,
Life has this funny way of throwing things you’ve said back at you, like a rude, ironic pie in the face. A couple years ago I was talking to a good friend of mine and our conversation went something like this,

“Have you ever tried ______ socks?”

(I confess, I’ve forgotten what kind they even were)

“Ummm… yeah, I think I actually have a pair of those.”

“Don’t you just love them?”

“ummm… yeah--”

“I just discovered them and I absolutely adore them.”

“Yeah, they’re great.”

“I got my sister-in-law some for Christmas.”

“You got her socks, for Christmas?”

“Yes, and she’s going to love them. They have these built-in arch supp--”

“Ahem… So how are the kids?”

I admit to thinking it was kind of silly to be hung-up on something as insignificant as socks. I considered my self quite a 'bare-footin’ it through life' sorta girl. You wouldn’t catch me obsessing over argyle knee-highs or purple footies. The last time I had paid attention to socks was in second grade when it was cool to wear multiple pairs of socks in bright colors and roll the tops down.

Similarly, I internally scoffed when my cousin sewed an extra layer of lace onto her baby girl’s socks because she couldn’t find any that matched the outfit her little darling was wearing.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, I outright laughed when my husband and my oldest child  constantly complained about the condition/position of their socks. No holes allowed. No footwear put on over a sock with the slightest twist or wrinkle. Ever. Period.

‘Ha! Fanatics.’ I thought. I mean, they are only socks, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

My name is Rae and I’m a sockaholic.

Yep, me. How did this happen?
First it was my children.

They received these socks as a gift this summer.
They were so cute.

They covered a world of issues. They didn’t have to match the outfit. Everyone just assumed my child was eccentric and had insisted on wearing his/her favorite socks that day.

I’m not adverse to knowing smiles in the grocery store.
It beats the annoyed eye-rolling any day.
No more realizing my daughter’s toe-nails were still dirty in the middle of Bible study.
No more making my son leave his boots outside so we could eat without the stench overwhelming us.

I had been, up to this point, rather cavalier about reminding my turkeys to wear socks. But who could forget these snazzy babies? Best of all, no more screams to wake the neighborhood when I was shocked awake by my children’s icicle-like feet in the dead of night.

Then Pip got these.

THESE were fabulous. They are wool. Smartwool.

And that was it.

(I ordered them online and then made Mr. Loggerhead give them to me for Thanksgiving. Hey, I’m not above picking out my own gifts. I’ll even wrap them if he needs me to.)

So if you do not want to be addicted, if you do not want to be caught wearing your socks for days on end because you don’t have to wash these very often and they are so comfortable you may never want to take them off...

If you do not want to read about the benefits of the way they are made, the way they last longer, the way they don‘t itch like most wool, how they keep your feet drier, warmer, cooler and less stinky...

 If you do not want to visit they’re user-friendly website where you can order Smartwool socks and have your own pair on your door-step in no time...

If you do not want to see all the styles, heights, cushion levels, designs and ohhhhhh, the colors...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, click on this link to the smartwool website!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Got Socked in NE
This is me, receiving my first pair of smart wool socks. [orchestral music]


  1. I remember oh so well, when Nathan was a little kid and obsessing about his socks. They had to be on perfectly with the little seams straight over the toes. He still is plenty picky about socks.

  2. Hahaha! I KNEW it would happen sometime! I, if anyone wonders, am the crazy cousin who sewed some eccentric lace on to my 7 month old daughters socks to match her cute lacy dress. And I'm proud of it! I don't really like to wear socks, but won't go without them in the winter time so I'm all about comfort. I've been eying the smart wool for myself, I'm picky about the way my socks fit and feel too! Hubby is very picky about his socks and has recently discovered the best work socks ever. And they're from walmart! I'm picky about the way my kids socks look too! I suppose they'll grow up caring less about their socks but at least I tried!

  3. I am truly laughing out loud right now!!!! Let me just say, "My work here is DONE." Not only did I convert my sister into a scrapbooker, I have seen my children accept Jesus and now THIS. My favorite people see the need for Smartwool in their lives!

    I have on the Saturnosphere today as well....only in a different color. They were my first pair as well, and a lovely introduction into Life With Smartwool. A very sad thing has happened at my house: my brown cable knits are missing! They are my overall favorite pair because they go with half my work wardrobe (the brown half). They disappeared about a week before Christmas and not a day goes by that I don't corner one member of my family or another and question them - again - "Are you SURE you haven't seen my brown, cable knit Smartwool socks?!" I have even crawled under the bed looking for them. "Where, o where are you?" my heart cries out. So far, I am met with silence....

  4. ohh...why, why, WHY did you do this to me?? I LOVE socks! ohh...what's a girl to do that's on a very strict budget and fancy socks are not in is??

  5. I found you on Darcie's blog. I am from NE too! I enjoyed visitng and could easily have an addcition to socks!

  6. Wear them 24/7 here in NW montana in the winter time! Okay, I don't wear the same pair 24/7. I change them every morning. :) Then I wear them clear through to the next morning. They are the ONLY thing that will keep my feet warm on these cold days. CHEERS for SMARTWOOLS!!!! The greatest invention since um... fire was invented... seriously! And they have knee highs. My kids have them too for when we go skating and skiing but they can't stand to wear them around the house-to hot! Haha!

    From another Sock Sister!

  7. I've just found your blog, I love your style! I'm going to have to investigate these for my husband...he has the stinky feets! And I might just have to get a pair for my Mom, the kids and I...darn cold feet;)


  8. Laughing all the way......
    Hugs from the Auntie who LOVES cute socks & had several very picky sock wearers!

  9. Remember how West used to pull his socks way up when he was a little guy...he was kind of obsessed about stuff like that too.
    Kit-kat is picky about socks, but
    I guess I haven't been...but NOW...oh now, I've been SOCKED in the best way. I will hope to add a pair now and then.


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