Little Gobbler's First Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,
His eyes were this wide all day long. There was so much to see and do.

Pip stood in Papa's hands for the first time (like 8970 babies before him). My dad has done this trick for as long as I can remember. I reminded myself of that on Thanksgiving to prevent myself from freaking out when he did it with my baby.

Note to self: Shaking with fear makes for blurry pictures.

He really wasn't very pleased we wouldn't let him have any of the food.

Papa made it up to him by putting together a Pipsqueak-mobile.

Uh-oh! He is learning to flirt. This is all I need. Now I can lay awake worrying about the day I have to shop for a mother-of-the-groom dress. Ohhhhh, the pressure! He's my baby!

Maybe she'll teach him girls are not to be trusted.

The little turkey even got a nap.
The rest of us weren't that lucky. Something prevented us, a big something called, DISHES.



  1. Girl...you are too funny. Love reading not only your post, but your comments you leave too. You know which part I am talking about right? Dear....Love....! You amaze me with what you come up with.

    I was curious..I never got to stand on someones hands...do you think your dad will let me have a try? ;-)

  2. Ahhhh - those pictures are SO cute! Great post.

  3. It's always different when it's your own baby isn't it! He does look so big! I'm going "what?" he's old enough to have food....yeah, BIG enough & old enough just aren't the same :)

  4. Oh - the owls are lookin' great! :>) Looks like you had a wonderful, blessed day. :>)

  5. I LOVE those boots!
    (and Pip ofcourse)
    I mean,I love Pip too...

  6. great photos!!! love you & miss you.
    'auntie' cyndie

  7. Your papa must have quite the hands to hold so many babies like that.

    And I'm with Darcie... getting a comment from Rae in Nebraska is like walking into a candy store for a 5-cent gumdrop and coming out with a whole bag of sweets.

  8. hey love your new header...and congrats for owning your own website now! (I will look forward to the book someday ;)
    I enjoy the snowy mountain scenes, but not really ready to let go of all the Fall colors yet. Maybe it has to do with some of the fields of corn still standing around here??? DECEMBER harvest????


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