Watta Doll

Dear Readers,
She pouted.

 She begged.

She said,

She reasoned, using words like diligent, proportional and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

And in the end it was this that won me over - I can't help it, I am a sucker for a good vocabulary. Drop a 'incomprehensibility' into your conversation and I'm a goner.
--The big words and the vague reference to life with a nanny.

I gotta get me one of those!
Do you think Bee is too young to double as our Nanny?
Oh pooh, child labor laws, shildlaborlaws!
"Well officer, you see, it's part of our homeschooling curriculum...."

Don't lose your tail feathers, I'm teasing.

Kind of.

So we got her the doll she'd been asking for.

It's one of those interactive kind.
It cries, eats, giggles and messes it's diapers. In fact it is just like a real baby, exactly like a real baby. So exact-- ummm, you get the picture.

She hauls it everywhere.
Just when I get it put away, she has it out again.

It is one of those boy baby dolls.
She calls him Pip.

He is practically part of our family.

Watta doll he is!

And it turns out boys like to play with dolls too.

That's good because Bee and T-boy needed something else to fight over.

This doll is so realistic sometimes you even imagine he is speaking to you.
"Help me!"
Did you hear that? See what I mean? Weird, huh?
"I'm a real boy!"
[Start Pinocchio theme song]



  1. I agree.. watta doll! :)
    #4 was our doll. I say WAS, because he now is just as big as #3.. and will tolerate NO babying from big sisters.

  2. ohhhh...watta doll he is! Perfection I say! The picture with the caption "she calls him Pip" just about did my heart in. Our babies - what's a Mom to do??

  3. Love how you leave comments bty! They crack me up.

  4. I wanted me a doll too when I was her age. Just like little Pip! I guess I didn't beg long enough...or loud enough. He is the cutest doll any where!

  5. I was 6 when my little brother was born. He was so much fun....I loved babies too. Actually I never grew out of that, glad there ia a baby Pip for us all to love.

  6. How fun it is to have a little brother. I was 9 when we got my littlest brother and I did about everything for him except change diapers, mom still used the pin kind. She liked her babies,too.

  7. My brothers and I used to fight over my little sister and who got her attention when she was just about this age. We were extremely "jealous" of her attention. Or at least I know I was anyway. She turned out all right in spite of us. Ha.

  8. Hello there!

    I just found your blog today via the PW site and all I can say is - WHAT LITTLE CUTIES! I love these pics. Great blog and I plan on following! Have a good one :)

  9. Dearest Rae,
    He is so cute! If you need a nanny, we have some at our house too. You could even send that doll to us in the mail-or not...
    a maze

  10. Weird how he looks EXCACTLY like a doll huh? Cute pictures!



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