Game Face Photo Rally Winner

Dear Readers,
I'm late, I know.
I could tell you that I didn't know when I set-up this 'Photo Rally' that I would have a funeral to go to this morning. I could say that my children ended-up in my bed, coughing and flopping around all night and I was tired so I took a nap instead of getting on the computer.

I could even mention that I am at my mom's and between the decorating advice, sculpture I'm working on and the multiple children to feed, clothe, etc., I had to put posting on the back burner.

But those things all sound suspiciously like excuses and since I try to avoid those, I'll just say I'm sorry I'm late.

Thank you for not giving up on me.

But without any more preamble,
the winner is...

Game Face

By Jamie5842
It's so candid, so sweet, so... Ewww, daddy kisses! I love it.

Thank you to each of you for entering. Your photos made me laugh and laughter is a valuable thing, you know.


So, as I mentioned earlier, I am at my parents' house. My mom is a veritable whirlwind of cooking, baking and general feeding of the horde. She stops every now and then to snuggle my baby's neck. Nana's have to do that. It's in the job description.

We aren't lacking in spirit around here, our mojo is alive and well..
Case in point - my brother Lan:
The World isn't ready for things this disturbing.
Sorry, I gotta go now. I need to get busy booking my flight to another planet.



  1. Way to go Jamie!! Cute, cute!!
    Raimie, your others here are hilarious!

  2. Congrats Jamie! What a cute "game face"!!!

  3. Yay Jamie! (from Rae's little sis)
    Love that baby game face...ca-yoot!


  4. Dear child-o-mine (all grown up and wonderfully wacky and wierd),

    I am wondering if a certain auntie would remember it wasn't a 'game-face' we had to put on, but our "WORKING-CAP". It usually took us a while (and a long detailed list) to find it...but watch out when we finally got them ON!

    That said, I will also say thanks for the visual REMINDER that I need to get a 'game-face' and/or a 'working-cap' on real soon and get my cupboards cleaned out. Nothing like having 'all the world' seeing your kitchen to spur you in gear!
    going to find my game-cap?


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