Days of Laughter, Nights of War

Dear Reader,

My T-boy makes me laugh. He must have learned that from Mr. Loggerhead. It's one of the reasons I love both of them so much.

He comes up with the craziest notions.

Like here, When he told me,
"I'm sutting da pittle's blood."

He's in the business of making messes. And good gravy, his career is thriving, let me tell ya.

He does things the hard way. Mr. Loggerhead says he gets that part from me.
 For instance,

We have a fiberglass colt from papa in our yard,

A stick horse,

And a rocking horse.
What does he ride?

He rides a pillow.

a water jug,

or a basket.

He constantly cracks me up with his funny comments and expressions.

The T-Boy Tee-hee Times

 December 2009 Edition

10. "Mommy, der is sumping bumpy in da couch. We should cut it open!"

9. "I tant brate-dance anymore etuz my bat is broten! It brate etuz I was brate-dancing."

(Interpretation: "I can't break-dance anymore because my back is broken! It breaked because I was break-dancing.")

8. "I dreent toffee etuz Da Boys do and I'm a boy."
     (The Boys are his uncles)

7. Mommy: "You didn't get a treat because you were naughty in the store."
    T-boy: "But Yissie made me be naughty."
    Mommy: "No,you made you be naughty."
   T-boy: "I mate me be naughty? I tan't mate me be naughty! I'm owny one person."
    Mommy: "You can't blame your sister."
   T-boy: "Da Boys teached me to do tings...timing trees and da chiten toop an tuff."
    Mommy: "You cannot go through life blaming other people for your problems."
   T-boy: "They aren't udder people! They're my untles."

6. T-boy: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
     Bee: "No, I'm thinking like a girl."
    T-boy: "Oh, and I'm thinking like a boy."

5. T-boy: "Where's the cheese?"
    Mommy: "It's a hamburger, not a cheeseburger. They didn't put cheese on it."
   T-boy: "Why? Did they say, 'Sorry, fresh out'?"

4. Daddy: "Why did you just throw that ball at your baby brother? You hit him in the face!"
    T-boy: Well, he was 'posed to tatch it but he didn't!   

3.   Mommy: Did you get those toys picked up?
      T-boy: Yes, I did it while you were don.
      Mommy: I haven't been gone so that's not true.
      T-boy: 'Course it is!

2. Daddy: I think I am going to go straight in, lie down and go to bed.
    T-boy: Oh Daddy, that's very 'sponsible.

1. Mommy: Repeat after me, The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.
    T-boy: The sword is my leopard, but not the sword I want.


He is so very boy. He corrects me on guy-things like this being a "monter-trut" not a "tar". I am so dumb, you know.

Not so dumb he doesn't sneek into our bed for a cuddle with me whenever he can get away with it. A couple days ago he told me,

"Mom, You're so tosy. I love hot people."

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

He is sweet and intense in a way I never could have imagined.

One minute he's so quiet and serious. The next he's up the walls and over the moon.

So why, after using all those mega-watts of energy, is the boy not tired at night?

Why do we have to duke it out at bedtime?

Off we go. Head to head. I'm using every trick I know to put him down and he's using every excuse in the book to stay up. Round and round we go. Until I wear him down to a state of submission and he falls asleep.

But not before he makes me laugh one more time.

"Why are you sleeping with that tire?"

"Etuz den I tan wun ober da monter's toes if he bovers me."
So we part ways with smiles on our faces. Each to our separate dream lands. Mine, where children go to bed and sleep all night. His, where he never has to rest. Both, knowing that we'll probably do it all again tomorrow night.

Sleepily Yours,


  1. oh my...laughing till the tears came. I hope he keeps on making you laugh for many years!
    I'm glad you're recording those precious memories!

  2. Isn't it just priceless what comes out of the mouth's of our children? adorable boy!

  3. Boys are SO funny with their excuses! Trey's latest (when 'Drammie' cought he, Jessi and Kyrie jumping on the bed) "we was just p'tendin"! He's tried it on me a few other times now too!

  4. "Fresh out" of sassy comments...how do we adults even compete with toddlers?

  5. I think that is your ca-yootest post I have read so far!
    My two favorites are #4 and #7!
    I am sooo glad you share these posts with all of us...I just LOVE your blog!
    Say "hi" to T-boy for me(and Yissy)
    Love ya, -Kit-Kat


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