Oh, The Drama!

Dear Ones,

Children, gather around. This is Bee. This is what she looks like when she is having a fit.

You should avoid looking like this. Being a crying-whiner is a crying shame.

When mom says it's time to go... it's time to go! Sobbing and telling the world about your "hurt heart" won't get you what you want. It may just get you a mother who laughs, takes pictures of you, and posts them for the world to see.

For shame! Why does this girl cry? Well, the other day she cried almost all the way home from Nana's and that time it was because she doesn't have a sister. It didn't matter what her mom said. She wanted Auntie Kit-Kat to come live with us and be her sister. When that plan fell through she started hounding for another baby. Sorry, honey! This mama is NOT going to have another baby just so you can have a fifty-fifty chance of a sister. Not at the moment anyway. Parents, I hope you are taking advantage of this post. I've always wanted my children to be examples to others. I'm so pleased they can show your children what not to do.

I mean, look at that. The slumped shoulders, the despair, the drama. When I was a child I would have been ashamed to behave in such a way.
Oh wait...

Buss iv ma. Ahhh funk ahhh wav waung bawahhh ahhh WAB ahhh fafar.

Ah! [removing foot from mouth] Ahem, this is me. I think I was crying because I did have a sister.
At least I know exactly where my daughter gets it.
Rae (The Drama-Mama)


  1. hil.ar.i.ous! it's too late for the warning. my kids already do this. and i also laugh at them.. and need to start sharing the pictures i have taken. and i most certainly did not act like that when i was little. well, maybe once or twice. but they get it ALL from their Daddy :)

  2. That is SOOOO funny! The second I saw the first picture, I was thinking... "like mother like daughter"?!?!

  3. Oh Raimie, it's wonderful when you can laugh at yourself! (and at them instead of letting them get you down!)

  4. Ahhh! So heartwrenching. ;)

    Yes, my girls are pretty close. They are a little over 4 years apart. I'm sure as they grow older, they will have more "differences of opinion".

    Enjoying your blog...

  5. oh - this is almost too much! ;) Lia is only 14 mo so she hasn't started the "hurt heart" business but I know it'll come. She does really good with the "I'm not getting my way RIGHT NOW so I'll SCHREEEEACH at the top of my lungs" though. I am so glad you started a blog...you're doing an awesome job of keeping us entertained. big TX hugs to you

  6. FUNNY-girl-sis-o-mine!

    You make me laugh every time I read your blog.
    XOXO to you all
    P.S.you know I have bugged Mom for years for a little sister.Strange she said the same thing.
    P.P.S. Was this the day we went to the childrens museum?
    (BTW Don't go diggin' up any pix of little sisters having a fit either...oh, wait there COULDN'T be, could there, since I NEVER do this) :P

  7. Dear Niece of mine,
    I do believe I was there and was witness to that fit you threw.. Or was it a different time? (I'm sure it only happened once!) smile
    What I wanted to say is that....
    Wow! you've come a long way baby. smile
    All mothers have hope.. fit throwing children DO turn out alright!
    Love you, Auntie Lu

  8. Too bad I don't have any photos of MY kids, hmmm, another photo opportunity for this time around? Like I need any more.

  9. Have your kids ever read Llama Llama Red Pajama? I think they could get a kick out of that book...not that there is any drama going on in your neck of the woods. ;-) Honestly too cute!

  10. yes.....Lu, we actually witnessed
    2 youngsters havin' a fit that night didn't we? I had forgotten that we DID laugh when we took the picture tho. It seems it was late and we couldn't get a pic until we got home, and they had fallen asleep in the car and the face paint was already messed up... I have also forgotten just Exactly what prompted the fit. That is proof that fits like these at this stage are like fast moving little storms... no lasting damage, and soon forgotten!
    ....that is until 20+ years later when they appear on a blog for all to see!

  11. LOL! At least it was R. posting her own picture instead of someone else posting it!! hehehe!! I like Auntie Lu's comment up there...Her last sentence does sum it up!

  12. ROFL Too perfect. I remember quite a few times wanting another brother or sis....didn't care which. AND most of the times I got one too (actually all the times)

    I didn't get in on so many of your fits Rae but I do remember crystal clear how you could put a person on royal guilt trip to get your own way.
    But HiD could turn the tears on in a split second and back off again intermediately when we agreed to go along with her.
    I guess all of us have probably taken a shot at the prize for DRAMA QUEEN at some point in life.

    And what may I ask was your sanity rating at that moment when your daughter was busy making a home for the birds on her lower lip??

    Love ya, Jelly 3

  13. Oh my, that is toooo good, and ending with the pic of you, priceless! Great post, made me smile and laugh!

  14. :) :) :)

    what comes to mind is that much quoted poem (betwixt your mama and me, at least):

    I see my mirror down the hall,
    coming toward me, three feet tall.
    She walks and talks and acts like me,
    magnified - for all to see....

  15. Love the post. I have a little pouter. I'll have to take pictures of her as she is so cute right now and I'll have to admit I do laugh at her. I'm looking forward to seeing what she is like as she gets older but in no hurry for her to grow up.

  16. What goes around, comes around, huh? I guess that's why our parents sit back and watch it and call it "pay back". Ha. The face paint on Bee, though... she looks magnificent... tears and all. And when you have a smile painted on your face, you can't tell if one is crying now, can you? ;)


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