Say What?

Dear Readers,

Lately, I have been known to ask T-boy what God put those ears on his head for.
Here are some ideas I came up with:
  • Handles to steer him in the right direction
  • Decoration
  • Something to hold his hat up
  • A guide to measure when he needs a haircut
They must be for something!
Let me show you what I mean:
One day I said quite clearly,
"Pick-up your toys, T-boy."
Nothing happened. Well that's not quite true. Actually something did happen - it just wasn't what I wanted - he went right on playing. I prepared my armor and moved into battle stance.
"Did you hear me, Young Man?"
Ahhh, a reaction...
He looked up at me and in an oh-so-innocent voice said,
"Did you say, 'That's a boosy-head'?
"Oh! That's what I thought you said."
My armor was slipping by this point under the strain of suppressed laughter. So I broke out the big guns, my friends.
Let 'er rip!

Whew! That was a toughie! I think I better brush up on some focus techniques. He almost had me there.

This is the kid who has the nerve to rebuke me for not understanding his words (mouth-full of PB/J and all).
"No, Mom, not like that! You're not listening to me!"
And when I get it right,
"Yes, that's what I was talking for."
Well, excuuuuuuuse me!

Maybe those ears are for keeping tabs on my phraseology so it can be hurled back at me at the most annoying moment possible.
I think it's a guy thing!

Un-heard In NE 


  1. oh so i at last can bend your ear dear so how are you and ya know do we need any more coffee?? welllll i got sum down at that big super market place ya that one with the big yeller letter on front huh i wonder if them is expensive letters oh ya that brings me back to the present time a does 100 yonkers sound bout right for 3 bags a grocerys or let me refrazzel that ta 3 of them lil ol plastic sacks that hold like mayba about 1\3 of what thos ol good paper sacks held must be ta make ya fell better when ya walk out of the store with 3 ah thems instead of 1 ah thoses good ol paper bags that took about 5 ta oh 8 dallers ta filler up an then ya struggled to haul er out ta the truck type huh ther i go again getten ofa the subjection again well just ta let my little sweety know I love ya Miser Loogerhead the Loger Hoger haha

  2. ROFL! What a BOY!!!! And yes, the listening thing must be a guy thing. 'nuf said!

  3. Oh!! I LOVE it already! Laughed my way thru it. Way to go!

  4. Guy thing/boy thing for sure!!

  5. Raimie I have to say you excell at blogging hands down no contest! WAY TO GO

  6. I found your blog from Maxine's. I LOVE the little big I've seen...and can't wait for more! As a mom to 4 kids.. I can SO relate to the listening!

  7. I can so relate to dealing with a boy not listening, my mom always told us that men/boys have selective hearing!! I am always telling my boys to turn their ears back on so they can hear what I am saying!! I am already enjoying your blog!! :)

  8. I am right there with Heather...found you through Maxine's blog...and look forward to the laughs that I am sure will be found here.

  9. Oh, my dear Loggerhead... you are a keeper! I love that you are trying to convince the world you are ill-mannered and lacking in grammer skills! I know better!

  10. this little guy sure has a mix of his ancestor's humor, stubborness and charm.
    Sure glad we are getting views along the way!

  11. Love your blog. Right now my life is a lot calmer than that. I am enjoying talking pictures but mostly little bit enjoyes eating, sleeping and making messes for daddy when he trys to change her diaper.


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