Let's Be Proper

Dear Reader,

I'm anxious we should get off on the right foot. Where do I start? I hope you will forgive me as I bungle -- uhh, bumble? no, fumble? mumble? or is it jumble? hmmm, grumble? Maybe tumble? oh, Never mind. -- I hope you will forgive me as I trip my way through a formal introduction. I admit my Miss Manner's Guide to Etiquette is covered with a thick layer of dust--- Opps! Did I just let it slip that I actually own a copy of that book? You will be thinking I am such a geek!

I collect books, Okay?

And then... they collect dust.

This is not going well at all. What must you think of me?
Ahem, let's try this again.

My name is Raimie. I invite you to view my world from wherever you are.

Please laugh through my days with me. 

Please take a peek at the color of my weeks. 

I hope you'll find yourself on common ground as I struggle to stay within the borders of a mother's most desired realm: Sanity.

That wasn't so bad. Maybe I can do this. Next you'll be wondering if I know where to end!

How about here?

Just kidding! Gotcha!

Ha! (sputter) hmphggggffg! snort!

All jokes aside, I'm a wife, mother and homemaker. Don't get me started on my job titles. We are a happy, loving (read: normal) family. We like what we do and where we are.

That said, it's hardly Utopia!



  1. great start girl, me-thinks You are the off-spring of....of.....okay you have to finish that!!

  2. Hmmm, Her mother!.....Gma Ruth....! Oh for the humor, now I think that must be from the K side!

  3. I know I got everything from you two! :) hugs!


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