Hen Crafted: Ciao Bella, Magnolia (Giveaway) Winner

Thank you for your entries, everyone! It was fun to see how you perceive yourself creatively. Ha! you only THOUGHT I'm creative... Kit-Kat is leaning over my shoulder telling me what to say! Anywho... The winner is: Drum roll please!!! #7 jrjelinek! Yay! I hope your baby girl loves this! It really was random, folks. I promise! It wasn't just because I wanted J.R. to have this since she just had a baby girl! I'm serious. Please believe me! I even have witnesses that I used the random number selector at random.com ..... Maybe next I'll give away a toaster (do you/I know any newlyweds who need a gift?)... hehehe! Stay tuned! You never know when I will get the urge to give away something wonderful... Just because I love you!


  1. What a fun little contest! You keep things interesting!

  2. oh you are such a dear girl....love you bunches=-) from auntie cyndie

  3. I killed the toaster -


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