Throwback Thursday 2012

It's homecoming week at Kat's high-school and today was Throwback Thursday. Last night was a flurry of assembling various ensembles, trying them on, discarding them in favor of other pieces. This is the finished product. Welcome to the 80's, Baby!

It's a throwback alright, throws right back to Kat's older sisters. Costumes, drama, themes, they are right up our alley, It's must be a family thing.

A blessed wave of irony hit me to see her dressed as the iconic independent woman of the 8o's marching her confident rumpus into a high-school bursting with opinionated teenagers. Gotta love that brand of bravery and independence. Her final words as she stepped out of the car this morning were, "I'll be fine as long as there is just one other person dressed up."

Sure enough, the door of the car in front of us opened and out stepped a girl dressed as Madonna's 'Material Girl'.

She rocked it in NE


  1. Rumpus made me laugh - I though I was the only one who said that.

  2. I loved school dress up days. But to be perfectly honest, she doesn't look all that "out of date". I have noticed as of late that the 80s are "in" again. ;) Happy Friday!


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