Friendly birthday weekend

Nothing makes me happier than sharing my yard with some good friends. And Jake and Julia are good ones to share it with.

All this heat makes the pool a good place to be, even if it's a small one.

Good people to be with in a good place to be.

Bee turned 8 that weekend. [sigh] So old.
I remember clearly when she was the age of little mis "I".

Sunday I got to take pictures of  the J & J family.
Here's a sneak peak... 

Life is good when you have the kind of friends you can have over for a weekend and not even clean your house overmuch.

Very, very good.


  1. Great pictures! Love those close up ones of the kids too! Miss Rebecca's not shy about showing off those missing front teeth either! Cute, Cute!

  2. Love those missing teeth!! Anything for me to peek at yet? Now that my hair is going, going, almost gone....

  3. What a beautiful little (big!) girl you have! And so many pretty braids in these pictures.
    And messy house friends are the best kind of friends to have.

  4. oh! oh! oh! That'll teach me to not come out and check on you more often! Love and miss those peeps!!! And you got such good pictures of them. LOVE them all! Happy Birthday, Bee! 8??!! Impossible! You were just a baby a minute ago.


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