How you see it

OK, I promise this post wont be as long as the last one. It may be just as introspective though as that is the mood I'm in.

It just seems like our normal life is made up of all these amazing little moments and when you put them all together you realize your life is pretty awesome.

Yesterday was that kind of day. About a hundred little moments I enjoyed. Many moments were very normal. But in the big picture it was a great day.

  • Getting up early to a quiet house.
  • Going to Jazzercise at 5:40 am for the first time and loving it.
  • Having my husband home to make the kids pancakes for breakfast.
  • French-braiding my girl's fresh, clean head of hair.
  • Taking the kids to school as a couple instead of by myself.
  • Walking with Mr. Loggerhead and Pip on the bike-trail.
  • The urge to speak like a vampire while giving blood at the Red Cross.
  • Running to the car in the rain, Pip shrieking with glee.
  • Peeking in to see Pip snuggled up with Mr. Loggerhead for an afternoon nap.
  • Huddling with 3 kids under an umbrella after school.
  • Bee's 1st soccer game. We won 0 - 2
  • Celebratory supper of Chinese.
And here's the clincher. Yesterday was freezing. And rainy. And dark. and cloudy. And pretty normal in many ways. But also, very, very wonderful.

So it's all in prospective.

Last month we were going through a spell of the sickies. There was so much about it that was gross, miserable, annoying and exhausting and a yucky kind of normal. 

But there were bright moments too. Those moments made me strangely love those days.

So maybe despite being sick and despite crummy weather you can choose to have a good day.

So go out and have one.


  1. Normal days are the best days of all.

  2. perspective is a powerful thing. love this post - thanks for sharing!


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