October Randomness

Dear Friends,
Are you tired of me gushing about how much I love the Autumn season yet?
If so, you may wanna close this window down now!

October was fabulous, fall-ish and rather tiring (more on that later).
Today we'll focus on the fabulous...

My Bee is settling into 1st grade at the local elementary. She works hard in the classroom and at home she babbles on happily about the friends she's made and the things she's learning. I am at peace with where we are in our education journey and that is the greatest blessing, let me tell ya!

My boy is doing well too. I had to laugh at his conference when his teacher told me how quiet and reserved he is at school... hmmm, are you sure we're talking about my kid?

And then there's my baby. The one who keeps surprising me with his suspicious lack of baby features. He seeks every opportunity to make someone laugh, even if it's only himself. With him and my brother Lan around... I get my required daily 10 minutes of laughter in before noon, easy! 

Whoosh went October.

My list continued and my journal pages were filled in...

New adventures were added... PTO, Volunteering in Tboy's class, MOP's, Jr. Women's Club, Parent teacher conferences, After-school library program, homework assigned by someone other than me, school pictures, helping a highschooler with algebra, and occupying a lonely toddler-- ahem --BABY all day.

And old favorites were revisited... Hot cocoa, the constant desire to cook or bake, going to the pumpkin patch, preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving planning, Lan being here to stay for a while, fellowship and lots of family time.


Freaky For Fall in NE

P.S. I'm excited to catch up with all of you on what you've been up to this Fall Season... all this blog-land MIA business has me anxious to reconnect! Thank you all, by the way, for your continuing support through my little wavering, reassessing spell... I think you knew I'd be back before I did! You are all such FABULOUS friends!


  1. I love autumn too, and those are some cute kiddos!

  2. Dear Fab,

    This Fall has mostly been a blur. Thankful for the bright spots!

    Looking for more

  3. Of course we knew you'd be back! ;)

    Our autumn has whooshed by too quickly - without enough pictures too!

  4. WAY to quickly! September and October were just a blurr! And I didn't even claim to have quit blogging,
    I didn't have any intentions of not....but there it sits & I'm trying to get my engine started again. I think my battery died & I lost the jumper cables!

  5. I hate to say this, but we'll all be saying "Where did the rest of the year go", about next week.

  6. Peace is one of God's great gifts! So glad you are feeling that, and hang on to it when doubt starts to sneak it's head in.

    Thanks for catching us up on a small portion of your fall 2011.


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