The Business Of Making People

Dear Friends,
Taking a page from a magazine, I was contemplating my place in the universe.
It is apparent I am a parent.

I like this quote,

"Parents teach the toughest school in the world -- The School for Making People. You are the board of education, the principal, the classroom teacher, and the janitor."
-- Virginia Satir, Family Therapist, PEOPLEMAKING

It is a tough job.
But I think it's true too, that most parents love their "job" of child-rearing more than a person could ever really love a career or place of employment.

There is so mush at stake in the business of People Making...

What to teach them.
What to say.

Really, big, big things to consider.

Scary when you see that the things you do...
They do.

The things you eat...
They eat.

The places you go...
They go.

And if you don't watch your step they are gonna end up book-reading, bologna-eating, tag-sale loving, crazy people.

And then where will we be?

Toughing It Out in NE

P.S. The following bears noting...
A: I melt at the sight of my husband reading to our children.
B: I melt at the sight of our children reading.
C: Homemade bread makes even a bologna sandwich decent.

D: If I wasn't so diligent in limiting myself in the tag-sale department, 1. My husband would refuse to read to said children out of spite. 2. Our house would be filled too full for said children to comfortably sit and read. 3. We would not be able to afford books, library fines or bologna.

I keep this all very present in my mind, what's left of it.


  1. Yep, and another thing to remember when building your people...Get it all in before the age of 10 because after that they won't listen to a thing you say. You have to go on with a hope and a prayer.

  2. Dear DiligentDaughter,

    That is indeed a wonderful quote.
    I declare it needs POSTING in a prominate place.

    Love the reading photos of your bunch!

    from the MamaOne

  3. Never a more true quote and post. I have to also admit...the sandwich looks mighty yummy!


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