Thank You!

My Dearest Friends,

It's final.
I am bidding farewell to the captain's chair of The Prairie Hen Blog.

Turns out it wasn't final AT ALL!!!
It's been two years.
210 posts about my life, my loves, my joys and sorrows.
I will always remember the enjoyment I got from sharing with you.
How I loved your comments.
How thankful I am for each and every friendship I gained through blogging.
This post will not be long enough for full explanations.
It's only long enough for thankfulness.
And for hugs from my heart to yours.
For invitations to email me if you want to keep in touch (Harrison dot house at yahoo dot com).
And for corresponding my personal hope that all the best will come to each and every one of you.
It boils down to choices.
Choosing to how I spend my time.
Signing Off In NE
P.S. This is NOT meant to encourage you to close your blog (if you have one). I fully intend to keep up with my dear blogging friends... popping into their world for a bit and reading (and responding) to their stories... Look for me, I'll be around. muwahhhhhaaaahahaha!!!

P.P.S Wow! That was a morbid sounding post! Glad you all stuck around while I got my head sorted out and refigured my time-space alottment a few times!


  1. Oh how we will miss you!!! :( But I understand. Love you, my dear.

  2. ditto to Lani. We'll miss you greatly, but understand. I haven't given mine up. I've just let it collect dust for awhile, wipe it off, let it collect dust.

  3. Okay...trying not to throw a fit. ;-) I completely and truly understand. I was thankful for when I found a balance with mine...didn't ever seem like you had that problem though. However I admire you for doing what you feel YOU need to do. I have thought of times of just letting mine go, but then I realize I love to write, and then I thought about going private(completely private...just me, myself and I), but for now...I will continue. Here's to you...reaping even greater things in the extra time you have.

    Love ya Prairie Hen!

  4. Totally understand, and thank YOU! I love reading your posts, and will miss them.

  5. I have truly enjoyed your blogging, also. I'm not tired of blogging yet :), but since I started by blogging for ME, and for family members to peek at our life, and I'm still happy with that, so I have no plans to stop. :)

    I appreciate those who know how and where to take out those things in their life that hinder the more important things. I'm not much of a blog hopper myself. If people want me to watch theirs, I guess they need to stop by mine first.

    Oops, got off track there, :). May you find more joy in the pieces of your life you are working on most.

    Much love, first your Mama's friend, and now yours.

  6. Bummer, gonna miss ya! Hope you're well!

  7. It's so important that you make the decision that is right for YOU and your family, but your blog will be sadly missed. Thanks for sharing all you have in the past.

  8. I'm so sad... and I totally understand!
    I would love to find a balance in blogging... instead I just let it sit!

  9. Will miss your posts as well - take care.

  10. Your dilemma would be a tough one... you've got what it takes to create a successful, even lucrative website, but you'd have to devote a lot of time to it to keep it up. And I don't see you doing anything half-heartedly. Love all you've shared... wishing blessings on your next adventures!

  11. Can I cry?
    Yes, I suppose I could, but it wouldn't do any good :)
    Ditto to what everyone else said too. Yes, I let mine sit when I can't find the balance either, but I guess that's o.k. too. It's waiting for me.

  12. ditto Amy and the rest...maybe you'll find another less time consuming way that still helps to fulfill all that overabundance of creativity inside! now i've just gone public again! it's just that i felt like i was wearing out the faithful few to my private one and just felt like going public again for awhile. don't quite know why. i think it was a series of events..oh well. hope to see you 'round!!

  13. I read this long ago and started to leave a comment and then stopped... I have been here before. It hits home. I'll miss you Dear Prairie hen but completely understand! I only hope someday we will reconnect again, maybe in person. Hugs!


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