La Parguera: A Visit To the Coast

Dear Friends,
It is a bit redundant to say we visited the coast of Puerto Rico. In reality most of the island is coastal region. Puerto Rico is only 100 miles long  by 30 miles wide. That's a lot of coast [read: beach].

But some places on the island are a bit more coastal in their spirit.
La Parguera is one of those places.

We whiled away the afternoon, packing, napping and preparing for the two hour drive from Aibonito (mid-land, where Joyce lives) to the guest house we were renting for a couple days.With all this slow-paced living in my blood, I may never quite get back up to speed.

Ha! Who am I kidding? I'm right back in it, folks.

We got our tails on the road, eventually and made it in time for the owner of La Casa Vacacional to show us our spot.

We felt plum pampered.

We had this lovely fenced in courtyard in the back where we could eat breakfast, gather our wits, enjoy eachother's company and let the kids run free.

Pip ran a little too free, figured our how to open the gate and was taking himself on a walk down the road. Thank goodness for kind and watchful neighbors!

I am not winning mother of the year any time soon.

Mother of the Rear?

We took a boat out to see the mangroves that surround that area.
I took pictures and kept T-boy from falling in to the water.
That's my life.

Okay, maybe there was a bit more to it than that...

The water was so clear you could see every particle of sand, each twist of sea-weed, every tiny living thing gliding quickly away from our boat. There was life in the water and on the islands we passed.

There was plenty of animals on the boat too.

My favorite kind.

A small part of me, the tiny part that isn't scared of hurricanes, wants to retire here, to a house like this. Think about how enlightening it would be to wake up to the sun rising over the bay... How comforting to drift off each night to the soft, lap-lap of the waves... like a mother patting her baby to sleep.

We dropped the youngin's and the brave Aunties off at the beach for the next leg of our adventure.

I am such a chicken.
Just call me The Prairie Hen.
I was nervous about going snorkeling.

Good thing I had two great guys and a guide to keep me company and show me the way.

Does this mask make me look fat?

I'd have taken pictures of the pretty things underwater but I'm pretty sure my hubby wouldn't have let me back in the boat if I doused my camera. If you ever have the chance, take the chance... snorkeling was a hobby just made to meet me.

We met up with the beach babies and swam for the rest of the day. This is the day I got sunburned. Should'a known better.

I'm blaming it on my bird brain.

Not blaming it on this guy.
If you haven't taken a trip with your husband and your kids in a while, you should.
You don't have to go all the way to Puerto Rico. Maybe just a weekend away. It'll be good for you.
I heart Mr. Loggerhead.
He's the best.

Love you honey! Happy Father's Day to the best guy I know. Our children and I are so lucky to have you in our lives.

This guy is pretty special too.
I like him a lot too.

Everyone who knows my Father-in-law knows he is a great tease.
When our booking agent showed up to direct us, she started telling us about some of the beautiful things to do in the area on the island. My FIL promptly asked her if she had ever sold used cars...

By George, she didn't even blink before she rattled off three cars that she had for sale in her driveway at that very moment and wondered when he wanted to come see them!

This is Nancy.
She is the sassiest, sweetest guide you could ask for.

-- We love you, Nancy!
We appreciated your helpfulness in navigating our reservations but you really made our day when you were slingin' it back faster that HE could throw it!

-- We love you too,, Dad! Thanks for coming with us and being such a good sport. Happy Father's Day!

Did I mention Puerto Ricans are beautiful?
They are stunning. I am pretty sure this little girl's parents were gonna chase me off if I didn't stop staring at their daughter.

See, this is why Joyce and I are sisters.
From behind you can't tell who's who.

A boat ride back to the main island.
A Puerto Rican supper at a little out-door cafe.
Pina Coladas.
A night time boat-trip.

Then back into our beds to suffer through sunburned effected sleep.
Again, all my fault.

But morning came sweet and good despite the pain.
Mornings are good to us that way.

Note to self: Be nicer to mornings.

Burned Chicken in NE


  1. So enjoy reading your blog. Wish I could write like that. Aren't father in laws the greatest. Loved my trip with mine. Great to see old friends again also if even just through pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Raimie, you are hilarious...I love seeing life through your eyes and commentary!! Love your trip picts and so glad you got to all go! Thanks for the free entertainment! :)

  3. Hi Prairie Hen cousin! It's a small world, huh? ps- I think you may have some competition for mother of the rear over here. ;)

  4. Dear Jeanne,
    I learned all from my mother! :) Joyce sent you her greetings and big hugs.

    Dear Barb,
    The humor I got from my dad... he still makes me laugh even when I know all his jokes! ;P

    Dear Sarah @ Prairie Hen
    So fun to find blogging relations... thanks for flyin' over! As I tell my friends, as usual, I am massively behind and my behind is massive. ;)

    The Prairie Hen in NE

  5. Yay! Another great "travel-log" post! Thanks for the journey!

  6. I have really enjoyed experiencing your trip through your eyes. And I am in total love with that last family picture (the "color" version is my favorite!).

  7. Oh Raimie, I loved your pictures! So glad you all got to go! :)

  8. What a delight to read from beginning to end! I just LOVE it that your booking agent could dish it out as fast as D did! Oh that makes me chuckle!

  9. Dear Auntie,
    Thanks, maybe that's where I got it... you know I was raised on travelogues... on of my all time favorite quotes came from a travelogue video! :) I am a nerd. Amen.

    Dear Sharon,
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Dear Renee,
    Don't you just LOVE that? It made me smile for hours!

    The Prairie Hen in NE

  10. Dear Lani,
    It's a bird's eye view around her, but I love it... Funny how I work and work and work for a decent family photo and this one happened comepletey unplanned, our clothes don't match, our hair isn't combed... we set the timer, propped the camera on the extra patio chair and *Snap*
    I love it!

    You Can't Plan Magic in NE

  11. *** You [read: I] also can't type or read at midnight!

    ** completely

  12. I've just loved "traveling" along with you! (even though I havent' been commenting) What an awesome trip! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I've only snorkeled once and I absolutely LOVED it. I want to do it again some day but it just hasn't worke out yet. And by the way - you're one cool nerd! ;)

  13. Dear Kristen,
    Thanks! Maybe when we're old ladies we can float/swim along together and scare poeple with out cackling! ;)

    Nerdy birdy in NE

  14. dear Pretty Word-Nerd,

    I am enjoying re-reading these PR posts..like a great book, or movie worth seeing again and again...and I am noticing things I missed the first times. Especially love seeing all the bright eyed relaxed smiles on your faces. It is easy to see that PR agrees with you all.

    When the water is calling....GO!


  15. p.s.
    I Love love love the family impromtu family photo.

    (The color one for me, please)

  16. (hey, its mid-day, and look who can't type now) *love the impromtu family photo*


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