I'm Back! I Think...

Dear Friends,
Di'ja miss me?
Ha! I'm sure your life went on just fine without my insane mothering musings and corny attempts at humor...

Of course, right!

I wasn't actually on vacation...
More of a working stay-cation.

Just home.
Working on a few other projects.

Honestly, the thing I missed the most during my absence from the blogosphere, okay the two things...

One, reading my friends' blogs. Seeing how you are. Dropping you a line from my space to yours. Peeking in your blogging window. Sharing your stories.

But, I'm back!
This weekend, barring any major complications, I'm planning on pampering myself by soaking up the back-log of posts in my feed-reader.

The second thing I missed was your voices!
There is something so sweet and lovely in the little snippets of conversation we have here on The Prairie Hen. I miss my Blackberry beeping to tell me somebody knows I'm alive and cares about my issues.

As bloggers, we send a message out to a huge, void known as, THE INTERNET...
It's good to know someone else is out there.
Good to be heard.

So, thank you, as I've said before, for flapping by, thank you for your friendship, Thank you for making my day, many, many times!

Thank you for bringing a bit of grown-up conversation in to my days!

BIGGER than ever.

(Thank you, Thanksgiving mashed potatoes, for that)

As for you...
Are you more of a talker or a listener? On a scale of 1 - 10... 1 being, "I rarely say a word but Yeah, uh-huh, yeah", 5 being "Conversations are like ping-pong, I give and take", 10 being, "You'll have to interrupt me to get a word in edge-wise - and that's like playing chicken with a train -  'CAUSE I AIN'T STOPPIN'!"

Just Me in NE

P.S. It would help with the Blackberry-beeping-thing if my toddler hadn't dropped my BB in the bathroom sink.
It's dead.

Let us have a moment of silence...


I think that means we're done.
TPH Signing off.


  1. Sorry about the blackberry--btw, did you see the video about "My blackberry isn't working"??? It's posted on my blog in case you didn't see it. hehe!

    Ummm, I HOPE I'm a 5---I strive to be.
    Sometimes I get carried away :P

  2. Ditto to Maxine: "I hope I'm a 5, but sometimes I get carried away" I don't think December is a good blogging month. It is a month to do home things with home people and then start up again after the new year, bigger and better than ever.

    Only I'm not, but only because I was sick for three days.

  3. I'm so glad you're back... I need to get back in the groove too, and get back on track with the photo blog too!

    I think I'm a pretty solid 5... I think!

  4. You did forget to tell us what you are?! Some of us out here are only guessing?! ;) For me it depends on the situation...! I'd like to think 5 but probably somewhere above that in all honesty! I have missed your posts!!

  5. oh my dear "niece-ie" its so good to have you back ;) I love popping in to see what's what at your lively place!! as for the whole conversation thingy...I guess I should be honest here....8? I do hope I give others a bit of a chance to get a word in there somewhere. Is there a prize for blatant honesty ;P love you bunches... 'auntie' cyndie

  6. Hmm, now I'm wondering if she thinks the rest of us aren't quite honest with our assessment of ourselves.... hehehe!

  7. Glad you're back! I'm a fan living in the great state of Nebraska also.

  8. You know I have missed YOU! Tell me who wouldn't? Seriously! As for the whole 1-10 scale thingy. I once was an amazing listener(told that by many people), but I slowly started finding my voice, and sort of wanted to be heard. Not sure that's so good!?! Anyway, I think I fall in the middle now days, but if it is a big crowd, you can be guaranteed that I am just listening. I like the more one on one conversations. Maybe that is why I like blogging so much.

  9. take your BB apart, remove battery from back. Put it all into a container and fill with dry rice... let it sit for a week or even 2 weeks..... rice will pull most of teh moisture out of the phone!!! My son dropped mine in a toilet and it was dead- I did this and now it works fine not 1 problem!!!


  10. the scoop from my coop? i , too, have discovered that i value conversation over "telling"...still trying to find creative ways to get a conversation going via the internet instead of just me blathering on and on..yes, i would rate at a pretty healthy 8 or 9 on your scale i would bet. Although, in person I'm much more a listener...so it depends. Glad to have you "back"....i take lots of breaks from the ol net...good for the brain and eyes.


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