Fanciful and Fluid

 Dear Friends,

My week was fluid.
Like a siesta... key to survival.
Like slipping away.
Like the children splashing too much water out of the tub.
Like walks down memory lane.
Like time flying away.
Like a blue jay.

It was fluid blue.
Like a Sunday Sonata.
Like anticipation.
Like my first visit to Trader Joe's.
Like Jane Austen, again and again.
Like the clutch of children around me.
Like my daughter's favorite color.
Like soft azure. 


My week was fanciful.
Like windswept thoughts.
Like wishes.
Like some realities.
Like little feet doing a snow dance.
Like breath in the cold.
Like an ice age.

It was fanciful.
Like the wild blue yonder.
Like wanderlust.
Like doggy day-dreams.
Like pleasant company.
Like wistful goodbyes.
Like an azure afternoon.

The Prairie Hen

P.S. Thanks for letting me get away with a 2 in 1 post... A girl's gotta catch a break when-ever she can! {wink}


  1. Wow, there is a big difference between soft azure and azure afternoon. Never heard of azure before.........

  2. What?? Never heard of azure? :D

    I really like your "color my week" posts!
    Would make a great mini album--hope you're busy scrappin'!! *wink*

  3. always love your posts...you could set some of your writing to music, you know....can't waiting to see you (hope, hope, hoping!!!) this next weekend :)
    love you tons

  4. Azure...would be a Spanish color for blue, si? I do like these color post...make my world a little more colorful too. Thanks for brightening my day.

  5. dear 'Colour my Words',

    Color My World....that old 1970~something song comes to mind here!

    Hope to kiss those baby feet and scratch Dunes' ears SOON

  6. ahhh...I've acutally been contemplating painting some walls in my house blue. How's that for a random comment? ;) I may have to borrow some of your color swatches. ;)

  7. I've been infusing more blue back into my world... loving the azure in yours.

    (Your photos came yesterday! Thank you!)


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