Early Bird: Introduction and Teddy Bear Tie-on

Dear Friends,
Every now and then as I am going through things around the coop I find something I don't want or need anymore. But it's something sorta special. Something I can't quite bear to donate with other bygone chattel that I box up and drop-off at Goodwill.

So I came up with Early Bird.

It works like this:
I post something I'm ready to part with.
The first person to comment that they want it...
Gets it.

Plain and simple.
The early bird gets the worm.
Or my junk-- er, treasures.

I'll ship it to whoever wins the giveaway.
All I ask is that after you get it you e-mail me a picture of how you are using whatever it is.

Here's the first item of interest:

Someone gave me a bag of discarded Longaberger miscellaneous thinking a basket-case like me might find some use for it. Included was this darling teddy-bear tie-on. It is meant to be tied on a basket to commemorate the birth of a baby. The problem is that I didn't have a baby in 2000. I was busy being a teenager, helping my family move to the country and learning to drive.

So did any of YOU have a baby in 2000?
What would you use it for?
An ornament?
Part of a craft project?

Leave a comment if you want it.
Be quick!

Passing it on (in NE)

P.S. I can't find the address for the recipient of my last giveaway. My dear blogging auntie said recently that disorganization is the hazard of a creative mind... I wish that was the case. But I have a sneaking suspicion that disorganization is the hazard of be disorganized. So please, Wanda, e-mail your address again to Theprairiehen (at) yahoo (dot) com. I promise I'll get your pink travel mug out in the mail ASAP.

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  1. Maybe I should have said ONE of the hazards? ha!


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