Beautiful Days At York

Dear Friends,
It was convention time!

We approached the day with gusto.
York time was here!

It was comforting to see all the things we always see, feel The Spirit that we always feel;
the unity.
But there are different things too.
My children are older than last year.
There are newlyweds.
New babies.
New comers.

We like to see the old with the new.
And guess what? This time I remembered my camera!

A good thing since I planned to capture the things I love to see.
I don't know that I did my feelings justice but I'll share anyway.

The teenage girls. 
The young people.
The hope of The Kingdom.
I remember all the conventions I went to as a teenager.
Precious, precious days.
I wish I could say I've come a long way since then.
Maybe I'm a slow learner?
No? Ok, too stubborn is more like it.

Young men.
They were at those teenage-year conventions also.
Maybe that's why I didn't listen better.
[ahem] Too many distractions.

Daddy's and their 'chillen'.
Strength in motion.
If you've ever watched a father fight with his two year old you know what I mean.

Fathers and daughters.
The unending bond.

Baby girls.

I like the boy kind too. But this one happens to be my darling niece and she's sweet, cuddly and covered in all the frills and fluffiness that her girly-ness requires.

She makes me yearn.

Oh, she has a sweet mama too!

Older folks.
Such good examples.

Mamas and their kiddos.
Rocking, fixing, loving.

Even when the daughters grow up.


Lissie was pleased to be back to this familiar place.

She is already building her bank of sweet memories of this place.

Mostly she has stayed close to my side in previous years. I was a bit distressed this year as she began showing a new found independence. I'm not ready for her to be running off to play on her own.

It was fun to watch her make friends.
So easy.
So free.

No princes needed.

Maybe just one.


Then there's my loner.

So intent.
So careful to keep me in sight.
I love that.

He did make a friend or two.

This is Kesin.
He speaks my boy's language.


As for Boy #2.
He was happy to swing.

And swing.

And swing.

Then run. 

And run.

And run.

Climb a little.

Sit a little.
Then do it all over again.

So you see how I spent the days.
Watching, remembering, searching, loving, photographing, fixing, rocking, listening, dressing, laughing, changing, learning, yearning, swinging, chatting, chasing, and smiling. 

But mostly giving thanks.

Hands and Heart Full in Nebraska


  1. we just got done with 4 days here in WI. Weather was not so great, but didn't dampen the spirit.
    (i'm loving that play area...) :)

  2. Love your pics! Special days!
    Glad Felicity met little Cali Rose and Charly Ann! I miss them from Colorado.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your kids are just beginning to taste the sweetness of what convention is...thanks to faithful parents like you two.

  4. dear Loving,

    The "...ING-things" change a little through the years, but

    The rING of thankfulness grows sweeter

  5. Fun to look through your pictures again!! Love ya! Garland and Lorna


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