Coop 'N Yard: When I Grow Up...

Dear Friends,

Someday I want to decorate like my mom.

This cupboard makes me faint.
It speaks to me.
I may need tharepy.

The End

Someone Grab My Smelling Salts in NE


  1. The is ONE of the MANY compliments that you could give your momma! Have I ever told you how much I admire the relationships that your family has...what I want for my family.

  2. You have an awesome mom, in more ways than her decorating skills. But it seems you know that. Nuff said. :)

  3. It could just be all that LONGABERGER in the cupboard!

  4. LOL!! Me thinks it's the combination of the longaburger & primative--and we all know that love is what holds it all in place :)
    Seriously, I've envied her flair for decorating ever since she got married & set up housekeeping.

  5. Yep, your Mom is a good decorator - but more than that, she's an awesome mother!! And you are too chickie! You two keep up the good work!

    with love,
    Kristen in TX
    who fell in love with
    your family from NE


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