Drip, Drip, Drip

Dear Friends,
   Nebraska weather is unpredictable at best. We Nebraskans know that. And yet, it took me a little by surprise when we came out of the library and *BOOM*

I blinked as the lights flashed as bright as the paparazzi’s cameras after Angelina’s latest pregnancy announcement. Crashing booms echoed like the thunderous applause when Susan Boyle sings. Silent raindrops splashed on the sidewalk like so many tears over Jon and Kate splitting up….

Okay! Halt! Who opened my brain and poured in all the useless, blah, blah, blah celebrity garbage? Does anybody else see a problem here? That’s it! I’m starting over…

It was raining, okay? Rain, thunder, lightening, you get the idea. It was storming.

I made my brother drive.
That’s what brothers are for.
All this time, eighteen years and I knew there had to be a reason why they existed.

It’s funny how easy it is to embarrass him.
That’s what sisters are for.

At least now we know our purposes. All is right with the World.
And, on that note, we saw this rainbow.

Not even the variety of wardrobes donned by the most fashionable Grammy attendees’ could beat that.

Who would want to be ‘Dancing with the Stars’ when they could be teasing their brother under this double-decker beauty?

I’m just sayin’…

Question of the day:
What would you do with the pot of gold?

Prioritizing in NE


  1. My list is too long!
    For this weekend I would use it for our trip....hehe!

    I couldn't believe how much he looks like Morgen in this last picture!!

  2. Don't tell me you beat up your brother to make him drive!!!

  3. dear Raimie's Rainbow,

    Well...first i would take a picture before it disappeared.

    The feeling after a storm


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