We Like To Move-it, Move-it!

It is two AM.
My baby’s clock got turned around today.
He is in his highchair having “breakfast”.

I am blogging.

I guess that’s what you call “rolling with the punches”.
Personally, I’d still rather be sleeping.

But I’ll settle for sharing some moments from our recent move.


The day was lovely and sunny and sudden.

I am, by nature, a methodic packer. I sort. I weed out. I plan.
At least, I used to do those things.

This move was a whole different story.

Maybe it was fear of the unknown involved with the house-buying process.
Maybe it was the freedom of going into a bigger house.
Maybe it was the baby.

Whatever it was it tripped me up, bound my ankles and stuck me in a dark closet.

We were supposed to close on a Wednesday… it got pushed to Friday… then Monday.

What about our plans to move that Saturday? Out the window.
So we talked of moving on the following Saturday.
Then over the weekend we got the hair-brained notion to move Monday evening after the closing.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! We have gobs of packing to do yet!!!”

Monday,  nine AM -
The help arrived.

Mr. Loggerhead’s Dad and Logger Brother 2

Mr. Loggerhead’s Best friend, Jake.

My Oh-so-excited-oh-so-helpful Brother, Lan The Man.

Okay, Okay, he was a bit helpful.

But just a little.

The bits and pieces of our life were packed,

Boxes marked (or not).

and loaded in the trailer.

Our life... in a trailer…

Goodbye organization. Goodbye neighbors.

Just a tad overwhelming.

Exciting too…

At least they thought so!

T-boy was sick and moped about most of the day.

He did take a break from his lethargy to watch the guys move our monstrously heavy upright piano.

And that, my friends, is the way you move a piano.


Talk about a song and dance!?!


In the house a transformation was happening. As our stuff, our life, was carried out and the house became an empty shell holding nothing but the memories of the year we spent there----

“Hold it right there, lady! Nothing but memories?!? What about all the gunk on the floor, huh? What about that?”

Okay, yes, the gunk and the marks on the wall made by some childish hand and the nails in the walls where I hung thing after thing, as my husband watched, shaking his head…

But back to the change that was happening. 

My sister decided to rent our old house.

Her things are bright.

Her space shouts, “fashion” and “style”.

As one era moved out the front door, a new one waltzed in through the back.

I think the house was happy.


As for us, the moment had come.

We were homeowners at last.

Vultures circled as we drove in the driveway of our new home
. A bad omen?

I think not.

But Mr. Loggerhead carried me over the threshold for good luck, just in case.

Over the threshold to our new era.

I think this house is happy too.

A Mover and Shaker In NE


  1. I like to move it, move it, You like to move it, move it.. we like to MOVE IT!

    We've moved (temporarily) a few times in our lives. Never having to pack up and clear out the house, but with 4 kids it seems you need EVERYTHING to survive a few months away from 'home'.

    2am breakfast.. yawn..

  2. I LOVE it! Boy, I can so relate to this post--and I'm green envious how you can tell a story. Unfortunately my trailer was way smaller and my house/occupants STUFF much larger and many more years of accumulation than yours.
    My big upright-heavy piano?......still remains in the basement of the "other" house.
    I'm not sure my life will ever be the same. (Maybe that's NOT a bad thing!)

  3. Love the post! My favorite picture is Mr. Loggerhead carrying you over the threshold! Love it! Best of luck in your new home!!!

  4. Fun, to see the whole story, from your point of view, all this moving, makes me very very tired, and very very glad I'm not moving anywhere at the moment, I'd better not say never, becauae you never know when that might come back to bite you.

  5. That piano moving method is just plain CHEATING! LOL!

    Can't wait to see more pictures of your new place!

  6. dear Still~Movin~In
    (I KNOW, cuz I seen, and it is going to be beautiful!)

    I remember the feeling OHHHHHH so well. Especially the last one 7 years ago eh!? The flotsam and getsam that gets unearthed is unbelievable.
    Can't beat the

  7. I just figured out who you are! LOL...blonde moment!

  8. You are brave to post the piano moving pictures, everyone is going to want your help moving pianos now. :)


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