Just To See You Smile

Dear Readers,
If you are anything like me you are dragging your tail right about now because of this Winter thing. It's my worst time of year. I NEED THE SUN. My boy, you know the one, needs to be outside in the sunshine. We all need to be warmed by some laughter and a smile.
I hope this post does that for you. 

-- If not, I give you permission to come pick me up and we'll fly to Hawaii. You are paying, just so you know. Why? Hello! I'm buying a house at the moment.

Recently we were visited by a mountan man. He looked kinda familiar. A long lost cousin?

Then he began to dance the Cotton Eyed Joe.

And I thought, "I know this guy! I've seen those moves before."

Sure enough. It was HIM; the performer, the noise-maker, Lan the Man, The One Man Band.

Because when you make your sister mad, what's a boy to do? When all else fails? 

You dance. You hope to make her laugh again. You work it, baby!

♪I'll fly you to the moon and back...♪♫

♫...Stand with you on a mountain...

...Carry the world on my shoulders...♪



'Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!'

'Thank you! Thank you!'

'I love you Nebraska.'
'I'll be here 'til Thursday.'

♪♪ "Just to see you smile."♫

She's very worth it, that Kit-Kat, and so, for that matter, are you, dear reader. 
You don't have to be a mountain man to see that. 

Thank you for your loving spurs to keep coming back to this blogging thing. 
You make me smile on the gray days.
You remind me to laugh at myself when things are dark.
You inspire me to share when I'm bubbling over in the sunshine. 
Okay, I'm done. 
That's all I'm sayin'

March Madness In NE


  1. That did the trick...I DID smile!! (And heard Tim McGraw in my head.) The photos of your bro. doing his "thang" made me smile, and so did seeing your Dad and sis. ;) What I'm saying, I guess, is don't be expecting me to come pick you up and take you to Hawaii. Though that WOULD be fun! And thanks for the smiles!

  2. If I was rich.....
    Lan the man--He always makes me smile. What a kid!!

  3. ~Smiling~

    Not sure if it's because of all the dancing or because we broke out of the 30's today. "YAY!!!"

  4. Lol! that definitely made me laugh :) these pictures are sO classic! and i LOVE the expression on uncle pats face! :) hahah

  5. dear Rae-O-sunshine,
    Thank you. How about that scrapbooked for LanMan and KitKat's photo albums....straight off this post?
    We sure may need these photos someday...hehehe!

  6. Very funny and great photos by the way. hard to catch someone moving about so.

  7. wow I forgot about that.........?
    I look really funny.hahaha.you never showed me those pictures.and now you just put them out there......... for the world to see
    see ya

  8. It's hard for me these BIG boys, I'd be more used to it Nathan danced around a little more and let me take pictures, how 'bout it Landon, you teach each other everything else!!

  9. What a laugh! He is his own song and dance man. And yes, GREAT photos of the whole shebang!

  10. What a great post. Sorry it has taken me a bit to respond to your comment on my blog. This post made me smile too. I am definitely ready for Spring.


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