Sick House

Dear Reader,
Some people are cute even when they are sick.

I am not one of them. If you hadn't guessed this is a post about what happens when the mom gets sick. My three children were sick too. Did that mean they spent the day sleeping? No, they were only sick enough to NOT sleep last night and to be crabby all day today. Life is funny that way. So what's a girl to do? I handed my children and my camera to my sibs and kissed consciousness goodbye for a couple hours. Thank goodness for the population of extra hands around here. Here's what I learned from what was on my camera when I woke up.

No one reminded them not to yell in the house.

No one monitored how much pop they were drinking.

No one combed their hair and made sure they ate more than American cheese singles.

No one washed their faces or commented on how rude it is to stick out your tongue.

No one told them their brains were going to rot if they played any more video games.

No one made him stop tormenting the millipede.
Side note: T-boy was reportedly carrying this thing around and yelling things at it like,

And he cried when West killed his little friend,
"And now I have no friends to play with me!"
What a sad life he leads, T-boy that is. The Millipede isn't leading any kind of life. He is dead.
Where was I? Anyway,

No one watched for nose picking and germ spreading.

No one questioned when was the last time she washed her feet.

And you know what? They were fine.

Maybe adult supervision is overrated.
Nope, I was wrong.



  1. Get better soon, my dear. Hopefully this is not just the first, but the last. Everyone wash your hands and hold your breath!

  2. good morning....I hope this finds you at the 'all-is-WELL-house' today.
    I know the feeling of wishing it could automatically go into the 'NAPPING-house' mode when people get sick!
    And your kiddleywinks ARE still cute when they are sick, the RAMEN,...notsomuch!

  3. I think my children would feel that adult supervision is overrated too...what kid wouldn't.

    Hope you are feeling better quickly.

  4. HaHa. Really I am laughing well um probably not with you as I'm sure you probably not laughing at this all yet but I will laugh with you when you look back at it all.

    Hope you all get better soon and that the kids and camera survive until you do.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!! have to ditto Jeanne's comment...my thoughts exactly. Did they know why you were handing off the camera? undeniable evidence!

  6. Nooo-o-o! The MOM can't get sick! It just isn't allowed. (loving how your photo is green!)


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