Memory Reload

Dear Readers,

It is Sunday and I have recovered from last night's lapse of memory. Sundays always have a way of renewing my perspective.

What was I thinking?
Let me explain,
I volunteered for this job because my parents are amazing. They help us in so many ways and we love them dearly. The biggest reason though is because my heart is so thankful they've stayed married these past thirty years. This is a small way I can say thank you.
Actually, there are several reasons to enjoy my time here. I may need reminded of these in a few days.

I'm thankful for two big boys to help lug this seventeen + pound baby around in his carseat.

I like having a bigger girl who lets me experiment with her hair.

It is good to know there is a pyromaniac handy to light fires IN THE FIREPLACE at regular intervals.

Don't forget the handsome pirate I get to keep my eye on.

I have four dishwashers

I call them West-pool, Lan-ergy Star, Kat-moore, Jax-idaire.

They run really well, especially when I try to catch them to make them do the dishes.
I crack myself up!
They call themselves slaves, by the way. Aren't they funny?

I feel closer to my great-grandmother as I hang-dry EVERYTHING.

There is something fun about finding pictures on your camera you didn't take or know anything about.

The laugh factor is high here - Like when I thought I'd be nice and wash someone's very dirty stuffed animal.

It turned out to be the dog's toy and it was so 'loved', it left bits of stuffing and beany-things all over in the washer. Arrrrrrrrg-hahahaha!

Being around older kids means my kids are learning bigger vocabulary words (for the record, 'Idiot' doesn't count). I overheard Bee "reading" to Pip and she was telling him all about 'one hundred percent'.
But my favorite part, by far, is this.


Well, the little ones do. But these ones can dress and feed themselves, for the most part. Do your teenagers stay up all night?

Then I go find my happy place again by soaking in a hot bathtub (that's bigger than ours at home, by the way).
Can you tell my post last night was before my bath?

If it gets too bad around here I resort to my Parents-are-away-for-2-weeks-and-I-have-their-kids Survival kit:

Joe Scruggs Cd's (Even the big kids sing along)

Ramen Noodles - Need I say more? 

Vitamins - I put this in here because three of us are feeling unwell at the moment and I am praying we don't all get sick. Imagine a house of eight people sick with the stomach flu.... Nix that, I'm sure you don't need that kind of nightmare keeping you awake tonight.

Water - I wouldn't want my throat to be too dry to yell.

And when the yelling, begging, asking, pleading, reasoning, wheedling doesn't work...

I bribe them! Yes, this is the biggest weapon in my I'm-not-your-mom arsenal. Get familiar with it and use it often. It works.



  1. Very nice Raimie! Looks like all-in-all it was a good week. Cute!

  2. Oh Raimie! I laughed till I cried reading this! I can SO picture it. And YES...My teenagers stay up "all night" (BOO!!)
    The last picture-commentary is totally hilarious!

  3. OMG! The last picture?!?! Hide that stuff well so the little ones don't find it!

    I've decided it IS better to all be sick at the same time... today I am sick as well as Kyrie. Jim left for Minneapolis this morning and Trey is felling VERY good and running wild! He finds great delight in tormenting Kyrie since she doesn't feel good enough to run after him!
    I don't either so I'm going to have to find a better hiding spot for the candy.

  4. You are one brave woman! I haven't told my teenagers they can stay up all night--so they don't! lol

  5. love you and your fabulous commmentaries!!!!
    hope you'r all beter by now, 'auntie' cyndie

  6. nana & papa keyOctober 19, 2009 at 12:31 PM

    We are so loving this....It is really helping us deal with the missing-the-kids part of being away!
    Enjoy your day today, hope it is a good one.
    Glad you have such a keen sense of humor anyway, I need that more often.

  7. Hi Raimie,
    You are doing so well that I don't think you would have a problem with a couple more!! They can dress themselves, they LOVE Romen.. bribes work well with them..
    We'll only be gone 3 nights!!
    Auntie Lu

  8. DONT get sick! Then I'll have to come out and take over... actualy Im sure I could Keep It Together (KIT) Anyways, house is empty since you've been away and although it is a pain I have truly missed the sound of Latham galloping back and forth above my room every morning... not that I've been here much cause I too stay up all night; Probably making faces to top Kats fascinating colletion!! or oragami which BTW is an excellent way to pass the time and something that I learned in public school. Look it up, do frog races (and take pictures OFCOURSE) Uh oh, gotta go, Jeff's ribs are done! Yay, miss it?!


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